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When did humans first invent a boat? When they needed to cross a body of water.

Humankind continues to innovate as new challenges are presented, and MakerSpace is the embodiment of that culture. Identify a problem or challenge, and solve it through the design and construction of a solution. Both critical thinking and self-confidence are worked as much as hands-on tinkering.

Students will use design thinking, create solutions and products, and reflect on and evaluate their suitability. Our students will gather in the MakerSpace to create, think and learn.

EtonHouse International School Orchard, thinkering
EtonHouse International School Orchard, tinkering

The rise of the transformational student

In today’s digital world, information and communications technology EdTech (ICT) is the new pen and paper. Coding and programming are fast becoming the language of the future. Now, more than ever, our pupils need to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to survive in an increasingly digitalised world. From passive users to transformational authors – that’s what we’re doing at EtonHouse through our robust EdTech (ICT) Programme.

Your child will learn all about EdTech (ICT) and the tools they need to use it. So let’s check off what your child will engage in at EtonHouse: Coding. Check. Programming. Check. Multimedia authoring, animation, 3D gaming. Check, check and check. With these digital tools, your child will be able to actively and effectively engage, create, collaborate, communicate and share their perspectives – a lifelong skill that will benefit them greatly not only in their education but, more importantly, in their future career. And by educating your child on real-world issues such as cyber bullying and cyber security, we develop them as responsible and ethical digital citizens.

Going back to basics

The road to success begins with a strong foundation. And that’s particularly true for EdTech (ICT). That’s why we start by going back to basics, providing our pupils with a firm understanding of how to use the tools they need to harness technology. Your child will learn all the different functions of the keyboard and mouse, down to the left and right click. They’ll also alternate between different operating systems so they’ll know how to use various programmes whether on a PC or Mac. This will come in especially handy in their future careers.

Let’s get coding

Once our pupils have mastered the basics, we move them on to the real deal – coding. Your child will start with basic coding before moving on to more advanced stuff such as Java and block coding. To keep things interesting, we relate our lessons to real-world examples such as how robots and traffic lights are programmed. And with apps and websites such as for your child to practise their coding, they’ll soon be coding circles around you and everyone else.

The fun stuff

Besides learning how to code and programme things, your child will also be exposed to green-screen technology, multimedia authoring and loads of other interesting applications. They’ll be taught how to edit movies, use a 3D printer and even create their very own computer game. As they graduate from EtonHouse, rest assured that they’ll be fully equipped with the digital competencies to transform the future and beyond!

Prepare your child to be future-ready and give them an edge in an increasingly digitalised world.


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