Farah Cheang

I truly believe children are the constructors of knowledge. The interest they have within them drives them to their intended goal(s). The environment, experiences and opportunities made available for the children would allow them to seek further and expand their horizons.

As a teacher, I strive to create a safe learning haven with meaningful, engaging learning activities for children to learn, grow and play. 

I also believe that strong parental partnership is vital as it creates positive experiences and extends learning beyond the classroom for the children.

Nicolette Abigail Yeo

The heart of being an early childhood educator is acknowledging that every child has the potential to excel and contribute in their own unique way in the classroom regardless of who they are or where they come from. Thus, the responsibility lies on us, educators, to provide opportunities for children to not only succeed or showcase their abilities but also create a safe environment for them to express themselves while not forgetting to stimulate their curiosity and creativity. 

Additionally, it is paramount to provide children with collaborative opportunities with one another and the community. This unique approach encourages meaningful learning experiences that would go beyond the walls of our classrooms to make an impact and create change in the world that they live in.

Sheela Govindan

I believe in order for young children to learn and grow, they must first form trusting relationships with their teachers based on respect. Once children feel safe and secure within their environment they will develop a lifetime love of learning.

Celine Ng

Hello everyone! I am Celine. From a young age, being an Early Childhood Educator has always intrigued me and in 2017, I decided to embark on this journey after I graduated with a Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management. I started off as a trainee teacher, studying and working at the same time which allowed me to put into practice the things I have learned. I am also currently pursuing my Degree in Early Childhood. It has been a fruitful journey thus far and I look forward to gaining more experiences as I go.

I believe that children are unique individuals who should be valued and given the chance to express themselves. Family partnership is important to me and I hope to work hand in hand to create a positive and loving environment for the children.

Renu Adalia Selvaraju

I believe that connecting with children comes before everything else. A child who feels safe in his or her environment is more willing to take on new challenges. 

I enjoy getting families involved to extend children’s learning outside the classroom. Looking forward to an exciting journey with you this year!

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies 

Vivien Ng

I believe in providing young children with a variety of experiences to discover their own identity and ways to express themselves. The wonder of a child is truly a superpower that allows them to be so full of curiosity for this world we live in! This is why I always keep an open mind when interacting with young  children as they often provide perspectives that are very different from ours or  what we expect. 

I believe that children are capable and I will support them as they build their confidence in completing routine tasks independently and guide them in developing the necessary self-help skills.  

Ongoing positive home-school communication and collaboration are valuable for children’s learning so please feel free to reach out!

BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance 

Diploma (Conversion) with Merit in Early  Childhood Teaching 

Siti Mastura

Hello everyone, I am Ms Mas and I am an Assistant Teacher. 

I have been teaching in this industry for 11 years in different international preschools and environments.

Karen Lee

I believe every child is unique with different needs, interests and developmental tasks. It is important to provide a positive environment that encourages social and emotional interaction, creative expression and active problem solving. I also believe in nurturing children to develop lifelong respectful and inquisitive attitudes. 

Bachelor of Business (Business Administration)

Siti Suzana

I see my teaching career as an ongoing learning process just like the children. I also believe that learning through play is the best way a child is able to discover and learn about themselves and the world around them.

Diploma in ECCE- Teaching 

Yoshie Seeberg

2015年1月のRobertson walkブランチの開園と同時にBroadrick校から移動して来ました。幼児教育に携わって20年になります。シンガポールという多文化多民族の国で生活する子供たちが、日本のアイデンティティを大切に文化や伝統を体験する活動を教育に取り入れ、楽しく日本語を学んで行けるように努めています。

Zhang Chun Juan

大家好,我是张老师。我认为孩子是一个独立的个体,我们应 该予尊重和平等对待。因为每个孩子都是独一无二的,在教育中我 们应该因材施教。学习应该是一个终身的过程。 

在幼儿时期,我们应建设良好的环境及提供丰富的材料,让孩子进行 自主探索。在探索过程中,我们应鼓励并保护孩子自主学习的兴趣, 培养他们形成良好的学习习惯,使不断学习成为一个持之以恒的过 程。家庭教育对孩子的成⻓有非常重要的影响。 

在对孩子的教育中,家⻓与老师需要互相配合,家庭活动与学校活动 需要相辅相成,家园合作,共同为孩子的成⻓努力。

Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching in Chinese 

Liu Yan


Zhou Zhilin


Cheah Hui Wen

你好! 我叫Cheah Hui Wen (谢老师), 我从2020年7月开始加入伊顿。


我相信每个幼儿都是独一无二的。 老师们扮演着一位发掘幼儿的隐藏天赋与才能的角色,和父母们是帮助幼儿的学习与成长过程当中的良好伙伴关系。

我个人喜欢学习不同领域的知识以及尝试新的活动。 在业余时间会做瑜伽和阅读,不断的充实与提升自我发展。很期待认识大家,谢谢 !

Abbie Lim 

孩子需要通过经验和行动来学习。有学者说:“说给孩子听,他会知道; 示范给他看,孩子会记得;而让他参与,才能让孩子真正明白和掌握, 把课堂上的内容内化成自己的知识。因此身为一名幼教师,应该注重激 发和保护孩子们的求知欲和学习兴趣,鼓励孩子通过与环境和材料的互 动获得有益的经验,发掘潜能,成为生活、学习和游戏的主人。

Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education in Teaching  Chinese 

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education in Teaching  Chinese

Zhu Xiao Yan

从事幼儿教育多年,跟好多孩子相处,爱着每一 个孩子。对我来说,每一个孩子都有自己的个性,都 是独特的天使,我们给予他们足够的尊重、富足的爱、 绝对的重视,让他们在爱的环境中快乐的成长,去发 现去探索,成为一个爱自己、爱他人爱世界的个体。 我希望跟我在一起的每个孩子,一起学习、一起微笑、 一起拥抱阳光,一起播下爱的种子。 

Degree in Chinese Culture and Language 

Diploma in early childhood education 

Xu Nan

从事教育行业将近 15 年,对学前教育和小学教育有深切的了解。 深信每个孩子都需要被“看见”,我认为孩子是一个独立的个体, 我们应该予以尊重和平等对待。因为每个孩子都是独一无二的, 在 教育中我们应该因材施教。学习应该是一个终身的过程。在探索 过程中, 我们应鼓励并保护孩子自主学习的兴趣, 培养他们形成良 好的学习习惯, 使不断学习成为一个持之以恒的过程。