Islander - Ms Kylie

Kylie is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Being an early childhood educator is what she is passionate about since young. She pursued her tertiary education and obtained a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from the University of Southern Queensland.

As she grew in her profession, she noticed that every child is unique and believes that in providing freedom and self-discovery in learning, she is able to bring out the uniqueness in each individual. 

Self-discovery learning allows children to develop curiosity and inquiry skills. When children are given the freedom to learn through hands-on learning, they will explore things that are significant and relevant to their interest and related to real-life experiences. 

Providing a positive and conducive environment where the children feel welcome as it develops a sense of belonging and security is vital too. Learning becomes more fascinating as well as meaningful for them when they feel safe in the environment. Bonds and relationships become an organic outcome of a safe environment. 

In line with Reggio Emilia’s philosophy which places much focus on the Image of Child, she sees children as young people who are competent, curious, and communicative and should be respected. She strongly upholds her belief in mutual respect between a child and an adult. Children’s interests and voices should be noticed and heard and responded to in a respectful manner.  Kylie believes that we should see children as competent communicators (both verbal and non-verbal); and hence, providing space for different ways of communication and building knowledge is a value upon which she measures her success as an educator. 

Growing up, I have always known I wanted to pursue a career around young children. My volunteering experience as a tutor for kindergarten and primary school children helped me discover my passion for teaching, which led me to pursue a Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. During my time at Ngee Ann, I was given the opportunity to learn through my yearly work attachments at different preschools, and gain experience in working with children. Through my internship experience, I have seen how children are creative and unique in their own ways, and wish to create a learning environment which treasures creativity and diversity.

I strongly believe that children strive in an environment filled with exploration and play, and wish to make learning experiences fun and enjoyable. Children are innately curious and I believe in the Reggio Emilia Approach that views educators to be a collaborator and guide for children to become constructors of their own learning. I believe that learning should be child-centered, and wish to create an environment where children are unafraid to ask questions and explore. I aspire to be a positive role model for children to be confident learners, to help them realise their potential.

Islander - Ms Pan Ming He

老师如果孩子是花儿,老师就是阳光!身为一位老师我感到很骄傲。也很荣幸在十年前到今天能在这个行业中一直坚持着自己的初心。我分别在中国和新加坡取得了专业的教师院校的学前教育学历和相关专业的资历。 更加系统的学习了学前教育心理学、课堂教学、环境创设等专业学科。新加坡特殊的双语环境,我又继续进修了国际汉语教学的课程学习。


保持耐心和热情的工作态度。用欣赏的眼光看待每个孩子。以尊重、公平的方式和孩子们沟通。为孩子的思维成长,价值观念、行为习惯。在我的课堂上,利用自己的优势和技能以及经验,为孩子分别从感官、体能、智能、语言情绪、社会交往能力(sensory 、Motor、Intellectual、Linguistic、Emotional、social skill )几大方面给他们快乐轻松的学习环境和语言环境。

Islander - Ms Joscelin

Joscelin is from Singapore and dreamt to be a teacher since she was at the age of 6. Her experience in the kindergarten inspired her to be an educator who promotes curiosity and fun in the children’s exploration while respecting each child’s uniqueness.

With this, Joscelin pursued her Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education to help her understand more about the behaviour of children and settled in with the Early Teaching Track. She did her internship with Islander Preschool and started feeling attached to the Reggio Emilia Approach, where it is child-centred and self-guided. Joscelin believes that children should be loved, respected by providing opportunities for children to be understood and their voices to be heard. Joscelin loves how the Reggio Emilia Philosophy views the environment as the third teacher which allows children to be provided with numerous opportunities to discover and experiment independently. 

Joscelin believes in children being capable of constructing their own knowledge and overcoming challenges through authentic experiences. She takes up the role to support children in their discoveries and to help them be confident of themselves.

Joscelin aims for good relationship and collaboration between herself and parents to understand children’s interest and bring out the potential in each child.

Islander - Ms Zeng Hanyu

曾韩玉(Zeng Hanyu),来自中国,拥有新苗师范学院的大专文凭及新跃大学的华文教育学士学位,在学前教育有超过10年的教学经验。她现任Islander的华文课程协调员,并获颁2020年杰出学前母语教师奖。


Islander - Ms He Nan


她认为儿童是有能力的个体,教师应该为儿童提供适合的环境,发挥儿童的自主性,解放儿童天性,这与瑞吉欧教育理念不谋而合。她将音乐律动融入到幼儿生活中,提供不同材料和环境,利用不同的探究方式,激发幼儿对“一百种语言”的表达。“Stay hungry,stay foolish“是她的座右铭,为了提高自身专业性,何楠老师选择继续攻读学前教育学士学位,让我们一起期待她在接下来的教学生涯中能够学有所成。

Islander - Ms Huang

黄嘉碧从中国来到新加坡,出于对幼儿教育的热爱,在Champion Mindset教育学院完成了幼儿教育大专学历。在读书期间,同时在新加坡一所幼儿园兼职老师,学习与实践同步进行,研究与实践了很多主题教学经验。她毕业后加入了伊顿集团,开始研究并实践瑞吉欧探究式教学方法。几年来,通过不断的学习、实践,发现探究学习是尊重幼儿成长的一种教育方式。爱和尊重是贯穿教育始终的,对幼儿的自然发展表示尊重,为他们的发展提供适宜的精神与物质环境。她还非常认同环境是幼儿的第一位老师,环境可以引起幼儿好奇心,引导他们思考而自主进行探究和学习,从而培养学习的兴趣。她还经常以故事书和歌曲等形式激发幼儿对华文的兴趣,引导幼儿用不同的方式来表达自己的想法、感受。

I believe that each child is a competent and creative learner with their own unique experience and perspective of the world. As an early childhood educator, I aim to support children in pursuing their interests, finding joy in learning, and discovering their individual potential and gifts.

I agree with Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of the Reggio Emilia approach, that children have ‘100 languages’ and many different ways of learning and expressing themselves. The Reggio Emilia approach also complements my belief in the environment as the third educator, which provides many opportunities for the children to discover and explore their interests independently.

To date, I have been part of the Islander Pre-School team for 2 years, after obtaining my diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. As an assistant teacher, I have had the opportunity to interact with children from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 1 levels. Prior to this, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, which had sparked my curiosity about the connection between language and other areas of development as well as society and culture.

As a teacher, I hope to inspire children to look at the world with curious eyes, interact with the world in a positive way, and develop meaningful relationships in their community. Learning is truly a lifelong journey and I look forward to learning from families with their unique experiences in different cultures!

I have a Degree in Early Childhood Education with Psychology as well as a Diploma in Nursing. It is my belief that children learn through play. In my classroom, I strive to make learning as fun as possible. It is my philosophy to help children develop a love for learning and one of my goals is to develop life-long learners. I aim to bring an open mind and a  positive attitude to the classroom each day. 

This quote from Nelson Mandela – “Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow” is a quote that I keep close to my heart. I believe that it is my responsibility to teach and equip them with the right skills, attitude and mindset to prepare them for the future. Thus, I will do my utmost best to help shape and inspire children to give back to society in the future. 

More than just teaching them academic skills, it is my personal belief that we should help children develop their social and emotional skills which will help them form deeper and meaningful relationships in the future.  

I believe that children are capable, competent and creative. As a teacher, I believe that my role is to support and assist each child in developing their own potential and learning styles. I will ensure that children will have sufficient resources and incorporate each different learning style to help children to develop to their fullest potential. 

Teaching is a learning experience. More than helping children learn and grow, I believe that teachers learn alongside children as we become involved in the different group learning experiences. It brings me great joy whenever I see a child being able to do something that they struggled with at the beginning of the school year. It puts a smile on my face when a  child who did not really speak in the beginning of the year starts feeling confident and speaks up in class. It is in these moments, that I feel that everything I did was all worth it. If it’s just for that one child, I would do it all over again. Truly, I receive as much as I give.  

Islander - Ms Anna

Growing up, Anna has had several teachers whose guidance, patience and attitude towards teaching motivated her to become a pre-school teacher.

During her Diploma in Early Childhood Education, she was selected to participate in overseas study trips involving Vietnam and Taiwan. This exposure to the early childhood setting abroad convicted her to make a difference in the local setting. Her passion in the industry is further affirmed as a recipient of the Early Childhood Development Agency Training Award.

Basing her beliefs and teaching practices on the Reggio Emilia Approach, she views children as researchers, enquirers and co-constructors of their own knowledge. She takes the role of respectful and sensitive listener and observer of children’s unique voices. Knowing that the environment is the third teacher, she values the importance of intentional and purposeful materials provided to nurture the learning and development of children. 

She desires to build strong, close relations with children and their parents to cultivate resilient, compassionate and inquisitive members of society.


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