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Children’s Exhibition

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EtonHouse Stories: Ms Atima Joshi

Ms Atima Joshi, Senior Principal of Middleton International School, has a vision of a happy, peaceful, caring and sustainable society. As a firm believer that empathy and resilience ignite the human spirit, Atima is passionate about changing lives and giving her all in her involvement, responsibility and action. When children want to give up, Atima … Continued

EtonHouse Stories: Ms Heather Conroy

Heather Conroy, former Executive Director of Pedagogy at EtonHouse, had the privilege of witnessing the many successes of EtonHouse in different countries which she credits to the indomitable spirit of her global colleagues. In this part of EtonHouse Stories, we share the story of her unwavering dedication to children and teachers.

EtonHouse Stories: Ms Bipasha Minocha

14 years ago, Ms Bipasha Minocha, Group Chief Marketing Officer of EtonHouse, changed how she views and interacts with her child and others after starting her journey with EtonHouse. In this article, she shares that respect is at the cornerstone of her relationships.

Learning Mandarin in an interactive and immersive way

Did you know that in Mandarin, the word ‘er’ could mean ‘two’, ‘ear’ or ‘child’ depending on how it is pronounced and the context in which it is used?

EtonHouse Stories: Ms Josephyne Ho

Ms Josephyne Ho, Principal of EtonHouse Pre-School at Mountbatten 223, makes it her goal to make every child’s education a positive, happy experience and to help develop the confidence necessary to become a risk-taking, problem-solving, life-long learner. “I believe that there are many ways to teach and likewise, many ways for children to learn”, she added.  … Continued

The Straits Times interviews Mrs Ng Gim Choo and Mr Ng Yi-Xian

At work, Mr Ng Yi-Xian calls the founder of the EtonHouse International Education Group, “Mum”. Mrs Ng Gim Choo doesn’t mind, “It’s the respect that is important,” she says of her relationship with her son, who is now group CEO, in the Lunch with Sumiko series by The Straits Times.

EtonHouse Stories: Ms Susannah McGuire

With over 70 nationalities that make up our beautifully diverse and tightly-knit EtonHouse family, we truly are a small global community. Ms Susannah McGuire, Principal of EtonHouse International School Thomson, is deeply committed to cultivating a welcoming community centred around children, built on mutual respect and support, and international mindedness. She shares her approach toward … Continued

How to Talk to Your Child about Global Conflicts?

When news of global conflicts hits the headline, it can cause many big feelings such as fear, anger, anxiety and sadness in both young and old. In the world of uncertainty, parents may instinctively protect children from negativity and bad news. But experts agree that it is best to address the harsh reality of events … Continued