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Challenging Traditional Thinking on Pre-School Education

When rote learning can no longer promise success, or be relied on to meet the new expectations of the 21st century, we know it’s time to challenge those prized model answers. With research building a strong case for an inquiry-based approach to education, many educators are now seeing the significance of a pedagogy that fosters … Continued

Blended Learning: How It Enriches Children’s Learning Experiences?

Blended learning combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods. However, it’s not merely adding computers in classrooms or uploading learning materials online.  In a blended learning environment, technology not only supplements learning, it also transforms the entire learning process. It is a fundamental change in the way teachers and students approach the learning experience. 

Paul McConnell, Head of Secondary at EtonHouse Orchard

Paul McConnell joins EtonHouse International School Orchard as the new Head of Secondary and IGSCE Coordinator. He is from the UK and has been in the education industry for 26 years. Prior to joining EtonHouse, he held several headship roles within the Nord Anglia Education Group. Paul believes that education should be inclusive and supportive; … Continued

Why Is Play So Important For Your Child?

Research continues to prove beyond any doubt that play is vitally important to the healthy development of a child; physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language. More parents and educators are now subscribing to the belief that play is one of the best ways children learn. Why is play such an important part of children’s development, … Continued

Meet & Greet: Nidhi Jindal, Class Teacher & International Primary Curriculum Implementation Lead at Middleton International School Upper Bukit Timah

At Middleton, we follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), a comprehensive curriculum based on the English National Curriculum adapted for international primary schools, with reference to an inquiry-based approach to learning. It has a clear learning process and specific learning goals, designed to appeal to children’s interests and help them learn more about the world. … Continued