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Several years ago in the 1980s, a mother was woken up by her daughter one morning. The pre-schooler was dressed in her uniform and looked excited at the prospect of going to school. But it was a weekend and the school was closed on weekends. 

The mother was the EtonHouse Founder, Mrs. Ng Gim Choo and the pre-schooler was E-Ching. The family was living in London. When they first moved there from Singapore, Mrs. Ng  was worried about how her 2-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter were going to adjust to their new schools, the language, routines and cultural context.  

To the parents’ delight, the children settled in far more quickly than expected. The children would come home and excitedly talk about what they learnt at school and the friends they’d made. More importantly, Mrs Ng was impressed by how her children loved going to school, to the point of wanting to be there even on a weekend! It was clear to her that the British Pre-School system offered a far more stimulating experience than what was available in Singapore at that time. 

When she returned to Singapore, she was determined to create a similar learning environment where children developed an insatiable appetite for learning and loved being in school. Her vision was inspired by pedagogical approaches from around the world. After much research and planning, EtonHouse opened its first Pre-School at Broadrick Road. 

This was not an easy feat, and definitely not one that Mrs Ng could have achieved alone. From the very beginning, EtonHouse’s unprecedented approach to nurturing children has only been possible thanks to passionate educators who are dedicated to the continual development of their students. The staff are motivated to see the world through each student’s eyes, identify his or her strengths and tailor learning experiences. 

EtonHouse Broadrick was a success. The school was well received by parents — one of the most common comments was that their children would ask to go to school on weekends. Spurred on by each child’s breakthrough, EtonHouse gradually grew from a humble Pre-School into an international education group with over 100 schools in 9 countries. While it was founded upon early education, EtonHouse International Education Group now also offers a through train K-12 education pathway. It has even extended its reach with the founding of E-Bridge Pre-School, part of the Singapore Government’s Anchor Operator Scheme and Middleton International School, which provides affordable and high quality education from Pre-School to High School


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