Our Educators

Every member of our global family, from the parents to our students, alumni, and staff, contributes to EtonHouse’s success. But the glue that keeps our community together is our exceptional team of educators. 

Teaching is not just a job for our educators — it is a calling. It is a culture that is ingrained in our teachers, championed by the leadership team, and perpetuated by every member of the teaching staff. Our recruitment process doesn’t just look for experience and qualification but a certain passion to make a difference to the lives of children.

Being uncompromising in our hiring standards has paid off. Our teachers go above and beyond their duty to make learning authentic and child-responsive, and they do so happily. Need proof that our teachers love their jobs? 75% of our educators in leadership teams have been with us for at least 5 years, and some for as long as EtonHouse has been around.

Image of Educator

Teachers from different EtonHouses campuses in our global network came together to brainstorm and identify the values that define us as educators. This Image of Educator is our guiding principle that determines the practice in our schools. 

As educators, we are …

  • A community of life-long learners
  • Committed to collaborating with our students, families, and peers to create genuinely meaningful learning experiences for your children
  • Invested in using inquiry and exploration as central modes of learning
  • Dedicated to observing every child within a socio-cultural context
  • Passionate about making teaching and learning visible by developing deeply reflective pedagogical documentation 


Specialist Teachers

At EtonHouse, we have a culture of academic rigour but we also emphasise a holistic education that allows students to acquire a breadth of skills. To support that, we have a team of specialist teachers in PE, Music, and Art that work tirelessly to design unique programmes. For example, Mark Parsons, PE Specialist At EtonHouse Sentosa who has been with us for 12 years continues to innovate and create engaging experiences. He takes advantage of his school’s location and plans activities such as team building games on Siloso Beach, nature walks and outdoor adventures at MegaClimb.

Language Teachers

Bilingualism is a key part of the EtonHouse education, and we offer robust second language programmes in Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, and Hindi. All our language teachers are native speakers who have professional qualifications.

Ongoing Training

We are invested in continually improving our standards in international education. We have a dedicated research and development centre with pedagogists that provide our teaching staff with ongoing training and access to the latest research in inquiry-based learning

We also founded REACH (Reggio Emilia in Asia for Children). Our close ties with our colleagues in Reggio Emilia and the International Network allow our educators to be part of a transnational dialogue on best practices — we often organise conferences in Singapore, China and other parts of Asia, and study trips to Reggio Emilia.

A Warwick PGCE International Training School

As part of our commitment to teacher training, we are delighted to announce that EtonHouse has entered into a formal partnership with The University of Warwick (UK). EtonHouse is collaborating with the university’s global-service provider, The Centre for Teacher Education, to support the training of high-quality teachers through a post-graduate course. The course is designed to equip teachers to be reflective, competent and professionally aware educators in international settings. Our formal partnership begins in practice this year at EtonHouse Broadrick where we have our first trainee primary teacher and an in-school mentor.

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