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What to Expect in the EtonHouse High School Curriculum (16 - 18 years)

Picking a high school for your child is understandably an important decision. You want your children to be engaged in school. You also want to make sure they receive an education that opens as many doors for them as possible, whether it is about their university choices or the career path they ultimately embark on.

The weight of the decision can be stressful — there are so many options in Singapore and factors to consider, and the many specialised terms and acronyms used in education can be confusing.

One helpful way to navigate the scene is to think about which curriculum will best equip your child to take on the future. There are generally three internationally recognised pre-university curriculums — the American Advanced Placement (AP) programme, A-Levels (International/UK), and the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB DP).

At EtonHouse High School, we offer the globally recognised International A-Levels for the following advantages that provide students with even greater opportunities for success:

  • International A-Levels only require students to choose 3 or 4 subjects to specialise in and study in depth over the two years. Students can choose to study and focus on the subjects that interest them and which are which are required for the degree they intend to pursue at university (most university entry requirements specify only three grades at A-Level). They are also likely to maximise their potential and achieve the best outcomes/grades in these subjects by specialising earlier. 


  • Students do not have to sit the final examinations all at once and can instead space them out. Students will sit for the AS exams at the end of their first year (Year 12) and receive an AS-Level grade which can also be a stand-alone qualification in its own right that is worth half the equivalent A-Level grade. Students may then decide which three subjects to continue into the second year (Year 13) and take the A2 exams, which test on the content covered in the second year, at the end of the year. The final A-Level grade will be an average of the grades achieved in the AS and A2 exams.


  • There are two examination periods within the year. At EtonHouse International School Orchard, students will take their exams in May/June. They would have the flexibility to resit and retake modules in October/November if necessary, ensuring they get the best result possible to get them into their dream university. 


  • Complementing their International A-Level subject choices, students would also have more non-teaching and self-directed time for the EtonCore, Lifeskills course and Physical Education programmes. These programmes are designed to enrich students’ Sixth Form life and encourage them to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners. It would also help them build a comprehensive and meaningful CV that would benefit university admissions and future employment. 

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Why you should enrol your child in an EtonHouse High School

Singapore’s most inclusive and personalised education

Due to our boutique size, rich teacher-to-student ratio and mantra that ‘every student is known well by every teacher’, we are able to provide a truly individualised educational experience. The Personalised Pathway Plan@16 is an individual action plan following discussions and interviews in Year 11 between the student and key staff to identify the most appropriate International A-Level courses to maximise academic potential whilst also supporting personal development. These discussions include conversations connected to the student’s career aspirations and advice by experienced teachers enables them to make informed and appropriate subject choice decisions. Each individual can also select an individualised and personalised journey comprising elective aspects of the EtonCore to challenge themselves, promote independence and nurture talents. 


Student agency is the driving force behind the high school programme

At EtonHouse High School, we respect our students as confident individuals who are capable of changing the world. Instead of mollycoddling students, our team of specialists give them the space they need to grow and learn independently, while always being there to guide and support them. This process results in highly engaged and innovative young adults who are motivated to push learning boundaries.


College counselling and career guidance

Whether students want to discuss where to go for university, brainstorm what course to take, or simply talk to someone about how stressed they’re feeling, we are here to counsel and guide them. All we want is to help them make a successful and smooth transition from one life stage to the next.


Pastoral care

The school’s ethos is centred around strong pastoral care within the boutique nature of the campus. Families can look forward to rich interactions between the staff and students, and a personalised approach to nurturing students to achieve their fullest potential.


Central location

We offer the International A-Levels at EtonHouse International School Orchard, located in the heart of Orchard Road in Central Singapore. The location is conveniently close to residential areas so students can cut back on travelling time, and have more time for learning and growing. Our High School students also get to enjoy the surrounding area, popping out for coffee and lunch to one of the many cafes and restaurants nearby. It’s great preparation for when they start university.

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