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Checklist and Tips: Choosing a pre-school in Singapore

The early years is the most important period in a child’s life as it lays the foundation to their future. Pre-school education is not only about developing skills in literacy and numeracy. It is absolutely critical in shaping a child’s personality, self-concepts, social competence, and overall disposition towards learning. What should we keep in mind … Continued

5 Ways to Help Your Teenager Manage Stress

Stress affects all of us. From financial issues to deadlines, worrying about personal relationships and peer pressure. All these factors leading to stress can overwhelm us from time to time. Even more so when it comes to teenagers as their fluctuating hormones are always throwing them off while they juggle school and find their social … Continued

Strengthening Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

As parents, we may tend to overtly focus on the academic outcomes for our children. But, we also want our children to be happy. Emotional competence is the ability to regulate and manage your emotions, especially in challenging situations. It is an essential skill for children to be happy and successful in school and life … Continued

Meet & Greet- Hear From Our Educator, Li Li Ying

“EtonHouse Upper Bukit Timah Pre-School is a big, happy family where I feel a strong sense of respect, which I believe is a key factor in human interaction. It is a place where we are listened to, where the principal is willing to listen to us, and where we are willing to listen to the … Continued

Raising Diversity-Aware Children

We live in a world full of diversity. Diversity encompasses one’s region of birth, nationality, race, religious affiliation, age, gender, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Learning more about people and cultures, different from our own, are ways that we celebrate and appreciate diversity. If we’re not aware, a discriminating attitude towards others or … Continued

Strategies to support children’s wellbeing in school

Schools are a safe sanctuary for students, where children learn, live, flourish and forge strong bonds with peers and adults. Experiences in school lay the foundation of a child’s personality. Educators have an important responsibility, that of ensuring a child’s emotional wellbeing while building on their resilience to cope with challenges in school and life … Continued

Mandarin Immersion

Mandarin Immersion Programme Developing Mandarin as a life-skill and essential communication tool Research has shown that the early years is a critical phase for children to develop language skills, and our immersive Mandarin programme has been proven to cultivate in young children a genuine lifelong love for learning the Mandarin language. In our unique Mandarin Immersion … Continued

The International Baccalaureate: Is It Right For Your Child?

The international baccalaureate diploma(IB DP) is considered the gold standard in education sought after by universities worldwide.  Graduates of the IB DP are accepted at the best universities and colleges worldwide. Research has shown that students who graduate with the IB Diploma have a 57% higher chance of attending one of the top 20 UK … Continued

How STEAM education prepares our children for the future

There has been a growing emphasis on STEAM education in schools around the world. An educational approach with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, STEAM aims to develop problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Through the process, students become incredibly engaged, motivated and inspired to innovate. What does this mean for our children, … Continued

Meet And Greet – Hear From Our Educator, Vivien Ang

“I believe in providing young children with a variety of experiences to discover their own identities and ways to express themselves.” Vivien is a teacher at EtonHouse Robertson Walk and graduated with a Diploma with Merit in Early Childhood Teaching. She believes the wonder of a child is truly a superpower that allows them to … Continued