Priscilia Lim

“Teach them that there is no one way to learning, that it is not about seeking the new but discovering it with a new pair of eyes.” 

Priscilia graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education (with a focus in literacy) in 2014. She began her teaching career in 2008, right after she graduated from her Diploma. Priscilia enjoys taking time to bond with her team, her children as well as their families. She believes in making a difference through the little things because the process makes the progress. 

Priscilia believes that learning looks different for everyone. In a classroom, there can be a group of children exploring with natural materials and a teacher taking photos. There can also be a teacher taking photos and a child observing how the camera works. It is all about perspective and she believes these seemingly little actions, are the spark of great things to come. 

Priscilia also strongly believes in building a strong home-school partnership; working closely with families to support the children’s learning to their fullest potential.


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