K2A Inquirers' Exciting World of Learning Exhibition

This year, the children of EtonHouse Nature Pre-School campus launched ‘K2A Inquirers’ Exciting World of Learning’ in a blended format.

Parents and members of the community received access to the exhibition website while the Nursery 2 and Kindergarten 1 children viewed the exhibition in person.

The Kindergarten 2 children made tickets and organised tour routes so that the younger children would have a comfortable experience viewing and participating in the exhibition. They decided that the proceeds from the tickets would go to the EtonHouse Community Fund.

Here are some of their thoughts as the children organised the exhibition:

“We have to be confident.”
“We have to look at the audience and share our learning.”
“We can’t all go in a big group. Then it will be too crowded. We have to break into smaller groups and tour the groups.”
“If we have a map, children will be able to choose where to go next. Otherwise, they might miss some things.”
“We were sharing the work and taking turns to make the map.”

Central Idea: We plan, organise, and work together to achieve a common goal

Lines of Inquiry: We can have different roles and responsibilities when working together.
Strategic planning can be used to organize action.
Common goals can provoke action.
Key concepts: Function, Responsibility

Attributes of Learner Profile: Reflective, Principled

EtonHouse International Pre-School at 718 Mountbatten Road is an IB World School.

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