Munia Ahmed
Munia graduated with a Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Leadership from EtonHouse Education Center in 2009. She began her teaching career as an Early Childhood teacher at EtonHouse Vanda in 2010 as a class teacher. She took over the leadership role at Vanda in 2015 and had been its Principal up until 2020 and joined the EtonHouse Pedagogy department thereafter. In 2022 Munia was back in Vanda as the Principal again. Munia works closely with the NEL Community, a Pre-school Education Branch of Ministry of Education (MOE). She has also hosted many workshops and talks locally to share her expertise in this field.

Munia strongly believes that children possess the inherent potential, curiosity and interest in engaging in social interaction, establishing relationships, constructing their learning and negotiating everything that the environment brings to them. As a leader, Munia firmly believes in the “pedagogy of listening”, the openness and sensitivity to listen and be listened to.

Munia is passionate about inquiry-based learning. She believes that inquiry is best situated within a “cultural perspective” that sees a child as a competent and capable learner, an adult as a skilful facilitator and co-researcher, and the curriculum as fluid and flexible. She has attended multiple Reggio Emilia conferences and workshops in Singapore as well as study tours directly at Reggio Emilia, Italy, to experience their best practices.

Munia believes in a programme that incorporates both child-initiated and adult-supported experiences, in which children are allowed the time and space to learn at their own pace by providing opportunities to observe, question, experiment and explore in a caring, safe and supportive environment.
Together with the team, Munia looks forward to providing a rich, holistic, and quality early childhood programme at EtonHouse Vanda.


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