Newton - Ms Doreen Ang

My name is Doreen Ang. I hold a WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from SEED Institute and a Diploma in Mulitmedia & Infocomm Techcology from Nanyang Polytechnic. I stepped into this industry in 2007 and have been a part of EtonHouse Newton ever since.

As an early childhood educator, I strongly believe that young children learn through play. Through play, children learn skills that hone them holistically. Pre-Nursery is also the fundamental year for them to develop many life-long learning skills. Therefore, I believe in creating opportunities for the children to engage in positively. A fun environment with interesting activities is truly important.

I look forward to having a wonderful year with you and your child.

Newton - Ms Elena Soh

My name is Elena Soh and I’m from Singapore. I entered the Early Childhood industry in 2014 and have been a part of EtonHouse since 2018. I hold a diploma in Early Childhood Education and am currently pursuing a similar degree in Singapore University of Social Sciences as a part time student. 

Ever since young, I’ve had the passion to inspire and work with young children. I strongly believe that all children are unique individuals who are independent and competent; who take pride in their own learning.

I am grateful to have this opportunity to work with you and your children. I look forward to grow together with them through this learning journey.

Newton - Ms Wendy Lee

I am Wendy Lee from Singapore. I have been a part of the EtonHouse Newton Family as an Assistant Teacher for more than 13 years now. I believe each child is an individual, possessing a unique personality. They learn through play and require social interaction to widen and develop healthy cognitive skills during their early childhood years.

During my free time, I love going to the parks, discovering new places to visit around Singapore and most of all, travelling for holidays with my family. I look forward to meeting up with you and your lovely children.

Newton - Ms Pooja Mohan

My name is Pooja and I come from incredible India. I have been living in Singapore since 2003 and hold a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood from Monash University, Australia. I have a beautiful family with two lovely children. My hobbies include going for walks, gardening, travelling, and I love dogs. I joined the EtonHouse family in 2013 and have been thoroughly enjoying and growing with this esteemed organization ever since. 

Teaching at EtonHouse Newton has been, and will continue to be, an enriching experience; as I have the opportunity to work with students and teachers from various cultures around the world. Throughout my time here, I have been working with Nursery 1 children and I truly believe that every child has a unique learning journey. As an educator, it is our foremost responsibility to provide these young learners a nurturing environment where they get the chance to grow holistically and explore at their own pace. I follow this through my personal philosophy i.e. with interaction, Patience and Love. These meaningful words not only help me in attaining my professional goals but my personal goals as well. 

I look forward to continuing my journey at EtonHouse, Newton and adding to my collection of experience and special moments. 

Newton - Ms Goh Lay Hoon

My name is Lay Hoon. I have been an Assistant Teacher with EtonHouse for more than 9 years now, providing academic and talent enrichment support to the lovely children.

Together with the core teachers, the children under our care have learnt strong developmental skills in effective communication and social interaction. This prepares them for a smooth and successful transition into any mainstream academic programs of their choosing. 

I hope to work closely alongside you and your children. 

Ms Debby Wong

My name is Debby and I am from Hong Kong. I’ve been living in Singapore for more than nine years. I am honoured to be a part of EtonHouse Newton since 2012. I am a certified L2MT teacher. A self-motivated, highly focused and passionate professional in the field of early childhood education and special needs education with the dedication to create an atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, safe, and adaptive to each child’s individual needs. 

The Reggio Emilia approach emphasizes that every child is different and unique. I believe that IB curriculum creates and provides an environment which supports diversity and inclusion. It gives teachers the opportunity to design activities according to children’s abilities, interests, and experiences. It also cultivates children to be active learners and lifelong learners. 

In my leisure time, I like reading, jogging and cycling. I enjoy spending time with my family. I am looking forward to working with and alongside you and your child.

Newton - Ms Darlene Ong

Hi, my name is Darlene Ong and I am from Philippines. I have been teaching for the past 12 years and am honoured to have spent almost a decade with EtonHouse. I am glad to be a part of a great organization that aligns with my philosophy, that is constantly striving to be the best in educating the young children, and provides a nurturing environment.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology majoring in Early Childhood Education. My philosophy is that every child deserves an education and I strive to do my best to provide every child I come across with a meaningful learning experience. I strongly believe that every child is unique in their own ways and my role as an educator is to guide them into reaching their fullest potential. We should provide them with lots of opportunities to hone their skills in a safe and fun environment; as well as respect their interest to inspire and motivate them in constructing knowledge for a life-long learning journey.  

I am glad to be an educator and making a small difference in our children’s lives.

nce in our children’s lives.

My name is Ng Geok. I am a Singaporean. I am a proud grandmother of two beautiful children. My hobbies include swimming and travelling.

I have been working in the preschool sector since 1996. I started my career as a Mandarin Teacher in a Kindergarten and I worked there for 9 years before joining EtonHouse as an Assistant Teacher in 2005. I have been a part of the EtonHouse family ever since.

I love my job and I am happy to work with children. 

Newton - Ms Susan Teo

My name is Susan Teo and I am a teacher of Nursery 2.  I am a Singaporean and I have been working in EtonHouse since 2003.  I hold a Bachelor in Early Childhood Studies from the University of Melbourne, Australia. 

My first passion has always been to work with children and so I guess you can say that I am living my dream. I have always said that it isn’t work if you love your job. I strongly believe that children develop at their own pace and thus I do not compare one with another and give them time and space to discover their strengths and interests. 

I look forward to meeting your child and working in collaboration with you in developing your child to the best of his/her abilities. 

Newton - Ms Anna Liew

My name is Anna Liew and I am from Singapore. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and I assist the Nursery 2 class. I have been with the EtonHouse Family since 1999.

I believe that children are unique individuals and they learn at their own pace and time; in a safe, happy and interactive environment. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your child.

Newton - Ms Chong Yoke Lee

I am Yoke Lee and I am a Singaporean. I enjoy the company of young children and view being privy to their inner thoughts and feelings as a privilege and honour. 

As an early childhood educator, I have the opportunity to be a friend and a fellow learner of young children. I also have the added responsibility of being a facilitator of their learning, a role which I cherish.

April 2020 marked my 6th year at EtonHouse Preschool @ Newton. It is the place where I first encountered the IB PYP program and the beginning of my journey in inquiry learning. In particular, I appreciate the 10 Learner Profile Attributes and the agency the IB program seek to develop in both the children and the adults involved in the inquiry process. The adoption of the IB PYP  have been a life transforming one for me, and it is my hope that the children in my care will similarly grow into internationally minded individuals who exemplifies the IB Learner Profile attributes of Caring, Independent and Curious Risk-takers. 

Newton - Ms Tan Siying

My name is Si Ying, and I am currently an assistant teacher in EtonHouse Newton. I graduated with a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education under the Singapore National Institute of Early Childhood Development and have been in this field for three years now. 

I believe that a teacher should support the children to grow as a lifelong learner. Therefore, I love to see their growth while guiding them to build a strong foundation at a young age. Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead with you and your children! 

Newton - Ms Winona

My name is Winona Narvaez and I am a Singaporean-Filipina. I have been teaching since 2017 with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Currently, I am pursuing my Degree in Sociology and Political Science in the Singapore University of Social Sciences part-time.

Through my upbringing in different cities and plenty of opportunities to work with diverse families, I have developed a deeper appreciation and sense of advocacy for cultures. I am especially passionate about cultivating an environment where diversity is highly valued.  

With a globalised lens on education, and society as a whole, I have also recognized the innate zest for knowledge every person has, no matter the background. I intend to nurture children’s natural enthusiasm for learning through enriching and empowering interactions.

Newton - Ms Natalie Sow

My name is Natalie Sow. I have been in the Early Childhood sector since January 2017. I was previously an English Teacher in one of the anchor operators in Singapore and decided to join EtonHouse Newton to learn more about the IB curriculum in order to broaden my perspective of Early Childhood Education across Singapore. I have a Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition as well as a Teaching Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education in one of the local universities.

I believe children learn best through play, hands on experiences and things that interest them for them to gain knowledge of the world they live in. With the IB curriculum in place, educators have the flexibility to modify lesson plans according to the children’s interests. With this flexibility in lesson planning, it helps me bring about meaningful experiences for the children, as well as creates a comfortable environment for them to explore their interests and develop a positive learning attitude. 

Newton - Ms Rachael Chew

My name is Rachael and I was born in Singapore, but moved overseas at a very early age. I spent most of my life abroad, mostly in Shanghai and in the United States. I’ve always had a passion for working with children, and so I decided to pursue a Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have been part of the EtonHouse Newton family since 2019.  

Children are inquisitive by nature and are often curious about the world around them. I believe that the IB curriculum supports the development of a holistic child, providing them with the fundamentals of being a lifelong learner.  

I hope to share my enthusiasm and passion for working with children to the community. It brings me joy to be able to see how big of an impact teachers can be to the children, parents, and families. I hope to constantly be able to grow and learn as well, so that I can provide the best learning environment for the children.

Newton - Ms Teo Wei Ting

My name is Wei Ting and I am Singaporean. After graduating from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, I joined the EtonHouse family in September 2019. Currently, I am pursuing a part-time Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling with Singapore University of Social Sciences.

As an educator, I believe that each child is different and unique. Therefore, I respect that they each have their own ways of learning, communicating and exploring the world around them. 

I enjoy learning and growing alongside children. Looking forward to meeting you and your children!

Newton - Ms Vicki

Hello! My name is Vicki Beins and I have been an early childhood educator for more than 9 years now. My favourite part of teaching is having the opportunity to expose children to diverse cultures and traditions. My teaching journey has spanned from local to international preschools where I have embraced the diverse needs of children from all walks of life. I have been a part of the lovely community at EtonHouse Newton since August 2018. 

As an educator, I find myself constantly inspired by the IB curriculum as it prepares children to be thinkers and inquirers.  It also resonates well with my own personal values as there is a strong emphasis on empathy, compassion and open-mindedness.

Apart from teaching, reading is another passion of mine. I also spend much of my free time cycling and exploring new recipes with my daughter over the weekends. 

Newton - Ms Lim Yi Ying

My name is Yi Ying and I am from Singapore. As an early childhood educator, I believe strongly in respecting children as unique and knowledgeable individuals who construct the world around them through purposeful interactions.  As a community of learners, it brings me joy to value and celebrate the diverse strengths and differences in our Etonhouse community. 

During my personal time, I enjoy chilling by the beach and conquering different nature trails in our little red dot. I look forward to building meaningful relationships in Etonhouse Newton community together with you and your child. 

Newton - Ms Asmita Sharma

My name is Asmita Sharma and it is my pleasure to be working for EtonHouse Pre-School, Newton as a Core teacher since 2012. I am passionate about teaching and I have more than 13 years of international teaching experience.  

I believe that each child is a unique individual who develops at his/her own pace. As educators, we strive to provide culturally, linguistically and developmentally appropriate learning experiences that focus on the process of learning and empower children to take ownership for their own learning. A stable, safe, healthy, comfortable and culturally relevant environment is crucial to a child’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive, creative growth and most importantly, for developing a sense of belonging. 

I aim to develop in children a sense of independence, social competence, confidence and responsibility. It is vital that we view things from a child’s perspective, listen to them, and respect them and their values. The most important aspect for me is to build relationship based on trust and love. A child will only believe in us if we truly believe in them. 

I look forward to continue collaborating with the teachers, students and parents at Newton in the coming years which I am sure will be a wholesome, rewarding and fun filled learning experience for everyone involved.

Newton - Ms Lydia Neo

I was born in Singapore, where I lived for most of my life, apart from some years abroad where I obtained my Early Childhood qualification. Since my earliest school days, I have been interested in the pursuit of knowledge and truth, a search which was motivated by my teachers. I dedicate this to my wonderful mentor, who has a beautiful philosophy about children, to which I hold onto dearly.

“I advocate that children have a right to believe in their own spirituality, to be allowed to speak their thoughts and to be listened to. Children have the right to play and discover within a safe and beautiful environment where they have time to question and challenge their thoughts and theories without fear or rejection. Childhood should only come to an end when the child decides, which may never eventuate, for to live and love through the eyes of a child is to see a world of wonder, delight and hope.”