My name is Monika Bulcock. Since January 2020, I have been part of the EtonHouse family in the position of Kindergarten 2 Core Teacher. Prior to this, I spent three years in the preschool sector of an International School here in Singapore. While studying Philosophy and Psychology at University, I worked with children and discovered my passion for earlychildhood education. I completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from The University of Nottingham and have been working as an educator ever since.

I truly believe that early years education has the potential to inspire a love for lifetime learning in children. My practice is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. As such, I am an advocate for giving children the opportunity to construct their own learning; upholding my image of the child as a creative, curious and capable learner. I value my role as a teacher to facilitate children’s learning through sensitive observation, documentation, implementation and reflection. I am passionate about building a sense of community that fosters a feeling of belonging to all children, parents and educators in the classroom.

When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy travelling to beautiful islands that enable me to go scuba diving, swimming and practice yoga. At home, I like to spend time reading, baking and planning future trips. I look forward to meeting you and your children and beginning our learning journey together.





I am Zheng Lao Shi and I will be the Mandarin teacher. I’m in my fourth year of preschool teaching. I love singing and painting, and I hope to share my passion with the children. I look forward to working with the children in MIP Penguins class as I support them in building a love for the Mandarin language through games, and learning experiences that involve lots of exploration and thinking. Feel free to drop me an email, I welcome your input and suggestions on ways I can better support your child’s mandarin language acquisition.

Hello my name is Shermaine. 

I’m a diploma holder in Child Psychology & Early Education (Early Years track) and I have been in the industry for more than 4 years. 

I strongly believe that each child has their own unique mind and should not be purposefully molded into societal beliefs. A child should be able to have their own freedom to choose, to move, to correct their own mistakes and to work at their own pace. As an educator in the classroom, I believe that we are here as a guide for children wherever and whenever needed. 

I aim to create a safe environment for children where they would support and encourage each other. 

Apart from my love for children, I enjoy going to the gym for either a simple HIIT class or a boxing class. 

I look forward to working in partnership with you throughout the year and I am confident that together, we can provide the guidance and encouragement needed for your child’s excellence.

My name is Si Ying and I graduated with a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education under the Singapore National Institute of Early Childhood Development and have been in this field since 2017. 

I believe that a teacher should support the children to grow as a lifelong learner. Therefore, I love to see their growth while guiding them to build a strong foundation at a young age. Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead with you and your children!

Newton - Ms Susan Teo

My name is Susan Teo, I am a Singaporean and I have been working in EtonHouse since 2003. I hold a Bachelor in Early Childhood Studies from the University of Melbourne, Australia. 

My first passion has always been to work with children and so I guess you can say that I am living my dream. I have always said that it isn’t work if you love your job. I strongly believe that children develop at their own pace and thus I do not compare one with another and give them time and space to discover their strengths and interests. 

I look forward to meeting your child and working in collaboration with you in developing your child to the best of his/her abilities. 


Hello my name is Gaia.

I hold a diploma in Early Childhood Education (Literacy).

I have been a part of the Early childhood field since 2019. Having worked with children

between the ages of 2 to 4 years old, I have encountered countless children, each different

and developing at their own pace. I trust that each child will develop in their own time, hence flexibility and patience is valued in my classroom.

I believe play, outdoor experiences, and forming close relationships contribute to

children’s learning, and I strive to explore these in depth as I take on the role of a teacher.

In my free time, I enjoy creating art or spending time at various natural spaces in Singapore,

such as the beach. I also look forward to traveling to new destinations every year!

My name is Uma and I’m from Singapore. I graduated with a diploma in early childhood care and education and entered the industry in 2019.

I believe that it is important to understand every child’s needs and learning through positive and supportive relationships. My personal teaching philosophy is that children are independent learners that are able to contribute to their own learning. As an educator, my role is to embrace their individuality and provide the right space to express themselves.

Hello, my name is Manisha. 

I graduated with a diploma in Early Childhood Studies from Temasek Polytechnic in 2018 and have been teaching since. I am currently pursuing my degree in Psychology.

I believe learning goes both ways and every moment with the children spent has especially been a fun, exciting and meaningful learning experience for me. As an educator, I believe that every child is unique, and they grow at their own pace. It is essential to provide a nurturing environment to ignite their imagination where they look forward to learning and developing holistically. In my free time, I enjoy going out to cafes, going for runs and travelling whenever I can. I also enjoy reading, listening to music and watching movies. 

I look forward to forging close partnerships with parents to support the children’s wellbeing, learning and development!

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I graduated with an Early Childhood Development Education Diploma at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

I believe in building a good relationship with children, where they see me not just as a teacher but as someone they can approach easily and trust wholeheartedly. I believe each and every child is unique, and that they all have their different strengths that we can tap into. No child is less special than the other. 

I am an advocate of giving children the opportunity to be curious, to explore and encourage experimental learning so that they can further develop their skills through different learning experiences. I enjoy interacting and working with children, and hope that they will look forward to school with me! I am also highly keen to learn from my mentors and colleagues and believe in working closely with parents to optimize their child’s progress. I look forward to embarking on each child’s learning journey with them and their parents.

In my free time, I like to pursue my passion in Track and Field and spend time with my loved ones on my precious weekends. If given the opportunity, I would like to travel the world and explore nature’s wonders!


My name is Xu Liping, I graduated from Shanghai Preschool Teachers College. From a fledgling young girl to seasoned educator, the title of “Xu Lao Shi” has accompanied me for over twenty years.

During the past 20 years, I have navigated through the numerous changes of preschool teaching ideas and concepts as well as society.

At present, preschool education focuses on children’s self-development. I am an advocate of  a child’s ability to comprehensively solve problem which is cultivated based on their interests and characteristics.

As a Chinese language teacher, I will guide the children to learn Mandarin Chinese through inquiry. As well as promote Chinese culture and traditions to them. In doing so, I hope the children will have a pleasant experience, learning and cultivating a strong interest in Mandarin Chinese.

Hello! My name is Mira and I’ve been part of the Early Childhood industry since 2016. I graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from SEED institute which is now also known as, NIEC.

I am a strong believer of child-led learning and creative play along with an enriching environment in the classroom being the third teacher.I also advocate that an effective partnership between parents and educators will help children reach their fullest potential. This also creates a safe space for children to build trust with new relationships along the way with peers.

Outside of work, I enjoy family time and exploring good food! I also enjoy travelling and take pride in practicing a balanced lifestyle. Throughout my teaching years, I keep the fondest memories of my learning experiences with the children close at heart. I look forward to creating new memories here with the EtonHouse Newton family!

Hello! My name is Yee May. It’s my pleasure to be a core teacher in Newton.

In my 4 years in early childhood education, I have guided children from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 1. I was with Etonhouse Vanda previously.

My teaching motto is “Open Heart, Open Mind.” Children love to be praised for good behaviour and are generally more receptive to positive affirmation. It encourages them to become a better person.

My favourite part of being a teacher is encouraging creativity in children and seeing their enthusiasm to learn new things everyday.

Newton - Ms Wendy Lee

I am Wendy Lee from Singapore. I have been a part of the EtonHouse Newton Family as an Assistant Teacher for more than 14 years now. I believe each child is an individual, possessing a unique personality. They learn through play and require social interaction to widen and develop healthy cognitive skills during their early childhood years.

During my free time, I love going to the parks, discovering new places to visit around Singapore and most of all, travelling for holidays with my family. I look forward to meeting up with you and your lovely children.

Hello! My name is Jurah. I am a certified L2 teacher and obtained my Diploma in Early Childhood in Care and Education from SEEDS Institute (now known as National Institute of Early Childhood Development) and have been in this industry for 5 years. I enjoy teaching children through play as it helps them develop their social and cognitive skills. Not only that, they will gain self-confidence so they are able to engage in new experiences and environments.

During my leisure time, I enjoy reading and spending quality time with my family, such as rock climbing or going to the beach for a relaxing day. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your children!

I am Jasmine and I had been in the Early Childhood industry for 14 years. I hold a diploma in Early Years Enrichment Education and two certificates namely,  Fundamental in Early Childhood Education and Infant Care.

I have been with EtonHouse since 2013 and Newton is my third school. I love working with young children because I feel that they are constantly curious and love to explore. Each and every child is unique and competent to accomplish great things. As an educator, my passion is to work hands in hands with them to grow with them to reach their full potential.

My favourite quote:

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

I hope I will be able to support your child to the fullest.

I was born and raised in Bangladesh in the city of Feni. I hold a degree in History from Eden University College, Dhaka. After having a family of my own, my husband and I decided to move to Singapore in 2006 to give my children a better education. Since then, we have settled in Singapore and acquired citizenships in 2014. 

I started my teaching journey at Bangladesh Language Cultural Foundation (BLCF) which is under the board of BTTSAL from MOE. I taught Bengali to Primary 5 students once a week for almost a decade while caring for my children. My passion for children and love to interact with them led me to pursue my study as a Preschool teacher. I graduated with an Advanced Certificate In Early Years (ACEY) with Asian International College. In 2017, I started my first job at Star Tots Playgroup as a Lead Teacher for over 5 years and now I will be the Assistant Teacher in EtonHouse.

I look forward to being part of the children’s learning and growing journey.

Newton - Ms Goh Lay Hoon

My name is Lay Hoon. I have been an Assistant Teacher with EtonHouse for more than a decade now, providing academic and talent enrichment support to the lovely children.

Together with the core teachers, the children under our care have learnt strong developmental skills in effective communication and social interaction. This prepares them for a smooth and successful transition into any mainstream academic programs of their choosing. 

I hope to work closely alongside you and your children. 

My name is Charmaine and I am currently an assistant teacher at EtonHouse Newton. I hold a professional diploma in early childhood from the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC) and I have been in the Early Childhood sector since April 2018.

I believe that play is an essential part of every child’s learning process. Through meaningful play and positive interaction with their teachers and peers, children get to learn more about the world that they live in and also create wonderful memories that they are able to look back at whilst growing up.

I truly enjoy spending time and understanding each and every child under my care. I hope the children will get to have lots of fun together with me! 

Newton - Ms Doreen Ang

My name is Doreen Ang. I hold a WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from SEED Institute and a Diploma in Mulitmedia & Infocomm Techcology from Nanyang Polytechnic. I stepped into this industry in 2007 and have been a part of EtonHouse Newton ever since.

As an early childhood educator, I strongly believe that young children learn through play. Through play, children learn skills that hone them holistically. Pre-Nursery is also the fundamental year for them to develop many life-long learning skills. Therefore, I believe in creating opportunities for the children to engage in positively. A fun environment with interesting activities is truly important.

I look forward to having a wonderful year with you and your child.

My name is Rozita Abdul Aziz and I am Singaporean. Formerly, I was in two other preschools before I joined the EtonHouse family since 2005. Working with young children have been fulfilling and satisfying for me ever since I embarked myself in this industry. I believe that children build our future development if we instigate a positive approach. As a strong believer in child development, I inspire to share my experiences and skills to impact a more holistic approach to the educational programme. I wish to see children in a more cognitive learning environment. 

Asides that, I take the role as a co-teacher during the holiday programme. With an abundance of experience and Knowledge I’ve acquired thus far, I demonstrate what I’ve learned in the different learning engagements.

I also believe that children learn through role play and stories. Creating a role play in story telling with children is encouraging. It is important for children to enjoy themselves and participate during story-telling. 

My name is Sock Hwa and I have been in the Early Childhood industry since 2001. I received my Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies with Monash University in 2014.

Prior to joining EtonHouse Newton, I was working in an International Preschool in Hong Kong for 10 years and in a Kindergarten in Cambodia for 5 years. I believe children learn best through engaging with their peers, adults and the environment.

As an early childhood educator, I value play in children’s learning experience and engage reflectively with young children. Therefore, providing a safe and secure space is important to facilitate exploration and encourage curiosity.

I am happy to join EtonHouse community and look forward to meeting the children in our care. 

Newton - Ms Gu Hai Ying

我叫顾海英, 来自中国吉林。我拥有幼儿教育大专学历、学前教育大专学历、对外汉语本科学历。 我在伊顿学校已经工作快二十年了,我很荣幸能和孩子们一起交流、学习。每个孩子都是独立的个体,对周围的世界充满好奇,我尊重孩子们的每个想法和兴趣。教育重要的不只是传授知识,我更会用我的爱心、耐心、责任心激发他们的聪明才智;用鼓励、赞赏培养他们积极乐观、独立个性;帮助树立他们健康的人格,陪伴他们一起成长,一起在蔚蓝的天空中自由飞翔。在闲暇的时候,我喜欢阅读,喜欢运动,也喜欢和家人朋友在一起谈天和品尝美食。 

I am Gu Hai Ying from China, Jilin Province. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching which I attained right here in Singapore. I’ve been with EtonHouse for 20 years and counting now. It has been an honour to work and learn with children. 

Every child is a unique individual; each filled with the innate curiosity of the world around them. I respect that every child has his or her own point of view and interests. Education is not just about imparting knowledge. I will also use my love, patience and sense of responsibility with the children to inspire their intelligence; encourage them to cultivate positivity and independence; help them establish a healthy personality; and accompany them as they grow and soar up high.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, sports, chatting and food-tasting with my loved ones. 

Ms Debby Wong

我叫王祝恩,来自中国香港。毕业于香港教育大学,拥有幼儿教育学士学位,(L2MT),新汉语水平六级、高级以及普通话二级乙等, 特殊儿童教育工作者和特殊儿童教育主管证书。

我在伊顿学校工作超过十年了,我很荣幸能和孩子们一起从游戏中学习、成长。我相信每个孩子都是不同和独特的,伊顿学校的IB课程创造并提供了一个支持多样性和包容性的环境,它使我有机会根据孩子的能力、兴趣和经验设计活动, 培养儿童成为积极探究者和终身学习者。


My name is Wong Chuk Yan and I am from Hong Kong China. I graduated from The Education University of Hong Kong. I have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, (L2MT), HSK (Level 6), HSK Speaking (Advanced) and Mandarin level 2B. In addition, I have also obtained a certificate in special child care work.

I have been working at EtonHouse School for more than a decade and I am honored to learn and grow with the children through play. I believe that every child is different and unique. IB curriculum creates and provides an environment which supports diversity and inclusion. It gives me the opportunity to design activities according to children’s abilities, interests, and experiences, cultivating children to be active learners and lifelonglearners. 

In my leisure time, I like reading, jogging and cycling. I also enjoy spending time with my family. I am looking forward to working with you to create an enjoyable and memorableschool life for children.

我是孙晓峰,2003年跟随我先生技术移民来到新加坡。2005年进入Learning Capital 学前教育华文教学专业学习,于2005年年尾以优异的学习成绩毕业并进入Learning Vision 任职华文教师。 2007—2018 进入具有百年历史的南洋幼稚园任职华文老师,负责2-6岁幼儿的华文教学、参与教学内容计划安排及课程设计、并负责家长沟通。2018年回到我的家乡—沈阳,任职沈阳小帆船国际双语幼儿园的教学总监,负责幼儿园教学方向及课程内容设计、教师培训及管理、家长育儿课堂及沟通工作。


I am Sun Xiaofeng, I came to Singapore in 2003 when my husband found a job here. I joined Learning Capital in 2005 and studied Chinese Language Teaching in Preschool Education. I graduated with a distinction at the end of 2005 and started my career as a Chinese language teacher with Learning Vision.

From 2007 to 2018, I was with Nanyang Kindergarten responsible for teaching Chinese to children aged 2-6 years old. As a core teacher, I planned and design class content and curriculum, and was responsible for parent communication.

In 2018, I returned to my hometown, Shenyang, as the teaching director of Shenyang in Little Sailboat International Bilingual Kindergarten. My main responsibility was planning kindergarten teaching and designing curriculum content, teachers’ training and management, parents and classroom communication.

Because of the epidemic, I was only able to came back to Singapore at the beginning of this year and was fortunate enough to join the EtonHouse. I hope I will be able to learn more from all the teachers and students!

I love early childhood education and I love to see the innocent smiling faces of children. Looking forward to seeing all the lovable children.


I am Chen Dan Dan from China, Beijing City. I graduated from Singapore’s National Institute of Early Childhood Development. Through these 5 years and more as a teacher, I’ve gain much joy and happiness through the times I’ve shared with the children. 

Children are natural explorers. With a curious heart, they observe and learn about the world around them. I believe that the respect given and listening ears lent to the children are the greatest support for their growth. It enables them to experience deeply and truly enjoy every learning process. Learning through play allows teachers to become engineers of the children’s hearts. 

Outside of work, I like reading, cooking and enjoying quality family time. 

我是李林静,毕业于新加坡 KLC 教育学院,主修幼儿保育和教育。我在新加坡的教育行业已经工作了 16 年。我的理念是让孩子们通过大量的实践探索来学习玩耍和学习。在指导和支持他们的中文成长和学习的同时,我也相信通过互动游戏和活动来开发他们的整个大脑,锻炼他们的记忆力和想象力。我相信学习是快乐和轻松的,我也相信每个孩子都是独一无二、天真无邪的。陪伴每个孩子快乐健康成长是我为之奋斗的目标。

I am Li Linjing. I graduated from KLC International  Institute in Singapore with a major in Early Childhood Care and Education. I have been working in the education industry in Singapore for 16 years. My philosophy is for children to learn to play and learn through lots of hands-on exploration. While guiding and supporting their Chinese growth and learning, I also believe in developing their whole brain through interactive games and activities to hone their memory and imagination. I believe that learning is fun and easy, and I also believe that every child is unique and innocent. Accompanying each child to grow up happily and healthily is my goal.

我是N2 Lion的华文老师。出于对幼儿教育的热爱,在Champion Mindset教育学院完成了幼儿教育大专学历。在读书期间,同时在新加坡一所幼儿园兼职老师,学习与实践同步进行,研究与实践了很多主题教学经验。我毕业后加入了伊顿集团,开始研究并实践瑞吉欧探究式教学方法。七年来,通过不断的学习、实践,发现探究学习是尊重幼儿成长的一种教育方式。爱和尊重是贯穿教育始终的,对幼儿的自然发展表示尊重,为他们的发展提供适宜的精神与物质环境。我还非常认同环境是幼儿的第一位老师,环境可以引起幼儿好奇心,引导他们思考而自主进行探究和学习,从而培养学习的兴趣。2023年,我来到了Newton,将继续展我的华文教学工作,我会以故事书和歌曲等形式激发幼儿对华文的兴趣,引导幼儿用不同的方式来表达自己的想法、感受。

Hello, I am Huang Jiabi. Out of my love for early childhood education, I completed my Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Champion Mindset College of Education. 

During my studies, I worked as a part-time teacher in a kindergarten in Singapore. At the same time, I learnt, practiced and researched a lot of thematic teaching experiences. After graduation, I joined EtonHouse and began to study and practice Reggio’s inquiry-based teaching method. Over the past seven years, through continuous learning and practice, I have found that inquiry learning is an educational method that respects the growth of young children. I found the importance in showing love and respect through education, and providing a suitable spiritual and material environment for their development. I also very much agree that the environment is the first teacher of young children. The environment can arouse children’s curiosity, guide them to think and explore and learn independently, so as to cultivate their interest in learning. 

In 2023, I came to Newton and will continue to develop my Chinese teaching work. My aim is to stimulate children’s interest in Chinese through storybooks and songs, and guide children to express their thoughts and feelings in different ways.


Hello everyone, I am Teacher Li. I have been in the early childhood education industry for ten years. I enjoy being the closest friend to the little ones. I will shoulder tremendous responsibility and patience to teach our little friends well and use exciting experiences and fun stories to lead the children to experience a rich journey of learning Mandarin. At the same time, I hope to receive everyone’s active cooperation and support. Thank you, everyone.



Hello! My name is Kaho Nishida and I’m from Japan. I lived in Singapore when I was little, than I came back after I became a Kindergarten teacher. I’ve lived in Singapore for more than 10 years in total. I’ve lived in Fukuoka, Tokyo and Kanagawa before. I joined the Etonhouse family in August 2022. I enjoy interacting with children, and have created many happy memories with them by thinking about, experiencing, and challenging what is fun for them on a daily basis. In Japanese class, I’m happy to be able to watch the children learn, think, and grow together with the Japanese language.

Newton - Ms Beatrice Salim

My name is Beatrice and I am originally from Indonesia. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and I am proud to be a part of EtonHouse Newton for the past 9 years and counting. It was right here where I began my career as an early childhood educator back when I was a single lady. Now, I am a happily married mother to a pair of sweet twins.  In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, sewing and traveling with my family. 

As an early childhood educator, I strongly believe there is no one size fits all formula when it comes to children. Each of them is unique and it is essential for them to be valued and respected as individuals. I take it upon myself to give opportunities for the children under my care, the ability to excel socially, mentally and academically on their own pace and in their own ways.

I believe that physical education contributes to the overall well-being and development of every student and goes beyond just play. My aim is to empower children with fundamental movement skills and establish themselves in these skills to progress them towards sport-specific skills in future.

My motto for the children will be to study hard and play harder because ‘Health is Wealth’. 

Hello! My name is Sandy and my hometown is in Malaysia. I came to Singapore to start my very first job as a Music Teacher in 1990. Since then, there has never been a day of regret as I explored and ventured through the love and knowledge of music with all my students, young and old.

Music is a passion from the heart. It sparks an interest in people, and those who give it a chance will be able to let their mind be curious and explore the wonders music presents, and it’s with this passion that music can come alive! It would be an honour to share and create such colourful musical journeys with your children. Looking forward to musically interesting and fun times together!

I am Angela Tan, a resilient, positive, calm, and committed Art teacher who can maximize a pupil’s artistic achievement. I firmly believe that education is the key to success for young students. Every child is entitled to a lifestyle brimming with education, respect, and professionalism. As a teacher, I aim to give equal opportunities to help every individual develop to their fullest potential.

On a personal level, I graduated from LaSalle College of the Arts with a Goldsmiths Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. My passion lies in Arts and I am more than willing to share my experience as an aspiring artist and my bits of knowledge with the many young talents out there. I believe that I would be able to conduct a fun and engaging learning environment that effectively teaches art appreciation, promotes creativity and encourages growing independence. 


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