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We believe that children’s imagination is a powerful tool for self-expression, influencing the way we explore, learn and create. Children use their creativity to express themselves, their thoughts and understanding of the world around them. With this belief close to our hearts, we honour our children’s imaginations each year by publishing a story created by them… our Just Imagine book series.

The Just Imagine book series celebrates the imagination, creativity and wonder of our Early Years Learners.

Over the past few years, we have published six stories in our Just Imagine series, each with a unique mixture of children’s real-world experiences and wonderful imaginations. Our Image of Child tells us that children’s voices are important, and we should hear what they are telling us. As intentional teachers, we listen to their voices and observe their interests within the pre-school environment. We honour our children’s thoughts and experiences by publishing their voices into our Just Imagine series.

If you would like to order any of these books for your children to cherish at home, please approach the front office team. We are pleased to share that all proceeds of the book will go to our charity, EtonHouse Community Fund.

A Story of Strokes

This book represents a child’s journey towards learning Mandarin characters. Imagination and creativity are interwoven through the magical adventure that Momo takes as he learns about the widely used Mandarin strokes. It illustrates how children can integrate imagination and learning the Mandarin language by playfully reimagining the different strokes to form illustrations.

The Story of Strokes invites children to step into a world of discovery to make connections between Mandarin strokes and visible shapes around them, explore the possibilities of recreating the strokes in many different languages and ignite literacy interests.

The Alphabet Adventure

Our Kindergarten 2 children went on an intriguing journey into the alphabet. They were engaged in authentic literacy experiences as they researched, imagined, and constructed a story around each letter of the alphabet. Whilst journeying into this imaginary world, they built strong connections to reading and writing concepts and extended upon their understanding of the power of print.

We warmly invite children to use this book as a tool to explore, teachers to inspire and ignite literacy interests in their classroom, as well as parents to connect with their child in a unique reading experience centered on the very important English Alphabet.

The Construction Truck Friends

The Construction Truck Friends

We were intrigued by the construction site across the roadthe movement of the machines, the sounds of the building and the secret life that occurs behind the construction site gates.  We believe that when children organically connect with the world around them, in meaningful and relevant ways, they engage in life and build upon their life skills and understandings. The Construction Truck Friends invites you to read about the children’s intrigue into construction, their observations of the machines and how their imaginations created a secret world into the life on and under the construction site across the road from Claymore!

The Yellow Bird (available in English and Mandarin)

This book captures a beautiful tale of a Yellow Bird which continues to visit our pre-school and create nests in unique spaces. It demonstrates how children build connections to the real world in wonderful ways and observe their environments closely. They add fantasy to some of their real-world experiences and create heartwarming stories to share with others.

Claymore - Our Lilly

Our Lilly

This beautiful book is about our children’s experience of losing a terrapin that lived in our pre-school’s garden. It captures their thinking around where Lilly went, as well as, supports their growing understanding that sometimes in life, we have to say goodbye. To honor the voices of our children, we invited an illustrator to bring their words to life through drawings.

The World of Fairies

A few years ago, our children were engaged in imaginative and expressive experiences with our Specialist Teacher around fairies. These experiences were collated through powerful images and children’s voices into a pictorial journal. This book captures some of the magical and meaningful moments that various Claymore Children, from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten, experienced during their explorations into fairies.


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