School-Wide Initiatives

We know that the concept of sustainability is a crucial component to ensuring our world’s continuity. Hence, we have decided that all of our school-wide initiatives should be connected to this vital concept. We have explored the possibilities of social sustainability as we care for others and our own well-being throughout the school year. Through our documentation initiative, we place emphasis on sustaining the importance and purpose of education as a tool to support worldwide growth and to develop confident and capable global citizens. We look towards environmental sustainability as we incorporate environmental awareness into our curriculum and host our annual Farmers’ Market. 

Social Sustainability Initiative

What is Social Sustainability? The awareness of the well being of others in our immediate environment; our students, teachers, family and friends. Our wider community, older generations and the less fortunate, as well as other communities worldwide. Social sustainability not only focuses on taking care of ourselves and others in the present moment, but also future generations. There are many ways in which we can develop our engagement in social sustainability. These include considering equality, understanding poverty, respecting cultural diversity as well as demonstrating openness to others and a willingness to take action. Introducing social sustainability to Claymore is a wonderful way to bring our community together and strengthen relationships between teachers, parents and children, in particular, spreading and sharing love. What does that look like at Claymore? Firstly, we will begin our journey to develop our understanding of social sustainability by sharing an upcoming project to foster our communication and love through this unique time as well as providing opportunities to connect with each other throughout the entire year. We have created an ongoing project, World Welfare, to provide aid and support for worldwide communities in times of need or in times of disaster.  

Well-Being Initiative

Ensuring that we place a focus on our own well-being is essential to our community. This initiative was formed to support the well-being of all the staff within our community. Their aim is to create a joyful, light and positive environment for everyone within our pre-school environment. Our support for one other as a community is essential to forming strong relationships based on a genuine sense of care and appreciation. Our well-being committee organises workshops over the year where we explore mindfulness, yoga or breathing techniques that support our classroom practice.

Documentation Initiative

The documentation committee was born from the educators’ passion surrounding educational research. Also, we felt the need to commit to children’s voices and learning through a deep and challenging learning process which includes the whole community. We are currently working on designing professional development opportunities for educators through formats like workshops, informal discussions and inspirational resources. We, as lifelong learners are researching and developing better ways of understanding and valuing learning through documentation. At Claymore, we bring together a team that thrives on the years of experience of our educators, open communication, active listening and critical thinking. This allows us to creatively enhance our teaching and learning alongside children, and to delve deeper into rich, vibrant, living forms of documentation to guide this process.

Environmental Sustainability Initiative

In 2017 the Environmental Sustainability committee began its journey at Claymore. As educators, we are passionate about empowering and educating our school community to live a greener lifestyle as well as to engage in more sustainable practices. Through various long-term projects, we strive to positively influence our community’s mindset to make a difference in the world to secure our children’s future. We have cultivated strong relationships between our educators, families, children, as well as partnerships that support us in achieving these goals. We have taken various pledges that reflect our goals to lead a more sustainable, green and eco-friendly life. Our edible community Farmer’s Garden supports us in engaging in healthy and sustainable cooking. We have two active composting bins to reduce food waste and a hydroponic system to alternatively grow salad and herbs. Additionally, we organise our annual Claymore Earth Day Farmers Market to celebrate our precious Earth and partner with local green organisations. Our latest projects include a bug and bee hotel, as well as butterfly and lizard sanctuaries to protect local biodiversity and reinforce natural ecosystems. We have been awarded the Kopsia Green Award from The Singapore Environment Council for two consecutive years in recognition of our efforts.  


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