Aletia is an international citizen and dedicated educator with a lifetime of international experience as well as teaching and leadership experience across Germany, Belgium, South Korea, Singapore, and South Africa. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities (with Honours in Sociology) as well as a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development, and is currently pursuing a Leadership qualification from Harvard University. Growing up as a third-culture kid, she brings a deep understanding of multiculturalism to her professional practice.

As Curriculum Coordinator, Aletia oversees an innovative blended curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, emphasising child-centred, inquiry-based, and conceptual learning. She ensures children reach developmental milestones in all areas, preparing them for future academic success. At EtonHouse, Aletia has contributed to initiatives that have led to awards in sustainability and Reggio Emilia teaching for Claymore. She contributed to the creation of some of the Just Imagine books as well as books for professional development of educators related to pedagogical documentation. Her personal ongoing professional development includes extensive training in the Reggio Emilia approach and conceptual teaching.

Aletia is committed to a holistic educational experience that prioritises safety, academic excellence, inspiration, and effective communication among students, parents, and staff. She advocates for hands-on learning through real materials and experiences, ensuring meaningful engagement with the environment. This approach prepares children for academic, social, and emotional success, creating a supportive and thriving learning environment.

Aletia has an open-door policy and looks forward to getting to know and work alongside all the families of EtonHouse, Claymore!

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Erin hails from sunny California in the United States where she studied Child Development. She has nearly 11 years of teaching experience working with young learners. As a warm and passionate teacher, Erin believes every child should feel respected and supported. She embraces children’s individuality and encourages her students to build curiosity, independence and positive relationships. Her belief is a strong and trusting connection is essential to support a child’s confidence in themselves and their abilities. Erin creates a classroom environment that provides meaningful learning experiences and fosters a love of learning. Students have the opportunity to build upon their current knowledge through the exploration of various materials.To strengthen the classroom community, Erin utilises her communication skills to build positive and collaborative relationships with families and caregivers.

When she had the opportunity to teach in an inclusive classroom with children who require additional support, Erin discovered the joy of working with these children. This has led her to enhance her education by pursuing a Masters of Education in Special Needs. In 2019, Erin moved to Shanghai, China to pursue her two passions: teaching and travel. She taught nursery and preschool students in both bilingual and international kindergartens. During that period of teaching, Erin gained valuable experience as an international educator and Lead English Teacher.

Outside of the classroom, Erin enjoys having picnics in scenic areas, hiking, reading on the beach and planning her next adventure. She is a dog lover and would make a new furry friend wherever she goes. In the future, Erin hopes to own a small farm with rescued animals.

Having joined EtonHouse in January 2023, Erin had a successful partnership with a new Pre-Nursery class for the last two academic terms. She looks forward to beginning a new learning journey with PNA children and families in the next academic year!

Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching

Originally from the UK, Katie moved to Singapore with her family when she was 12 years old. Katie developed an interest in early childhood education as well as the development of young children after helping out in her mum’s classroom at EtonHouse Newton during her school holidays when she was young.

Inspired by her mother, Katie started her career in teaching and has been with EtonHouse for over 20 years, working with children in both EtonHouse Newton and EtonHouse Thomson previously.

Katie believes that young children are competent individuals who are active citizens with rights and contributing members of the school community. As an early years educator, Katie also has a special interest in exploring music and movement, as well as storytelling and speech and drama. She hopes to incorporate all these elements in her teaching.

During her free time, Katie loves exploring music and playing the drums. Katie looks forward to working closely with all families and children within the N2C class community for the upcoming school year!

Degree in Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education

Eleanor discovered her passion in teaching young children during her teenage years when she had the opportunity to volunteer in her church’s children ministry. Following this passion, she then went to pursue a diploma in child psychology and early education and later on, a degree in psychology. Upon graduation, Eleanor went into early intervention, specialising in teaching young children with special needs. Having been in special education for more than 6 years, Eleanor is ready to start on a new journey with EtonHouse Claymore. Utilising her knowledge from special education, she hopes to cater to the learning needs of each child and create an inclusive environment where each child can feel loved and acknowledged.

Eleanor strongly believes that every child is unique and have the potential to reach their maximum abilities. She looks forward to discover each child’s capabilities by providing them with a fun, engaging and safe environment. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise child”, the village refers to the community where the child is in and interacts with the most, and hence, Eleanor believes that by working together with other professionals and the family, they can together provide a safe learning space for the child to develop holistically at home and in school.

Being a language and music lover, Eleanor enjoys listening to songs in different languages. She is also able to converse in three languages, English, Mandarin and Korean. Eleanor believes that learning does not stop and would like to learn Japanese and Thai language someday.

Eleanor is excited to join the Pre-Nursery A Team and support each child for the rest of their learning journey in this academic year!

Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature L2 Certificate

Diploma in Pre-School Education

Liu Lu is a native Mandarin speaker with over 14 years of Early Years teaching experience in both China and Singapore. Her passion in teaching Mandarin encouraged her to start a Youtube channel where she shares and reads Mandarin stories to advocate the love for the language. She has also worked with a publication team to publish a book on ancient Chinese poetry for children in 2019, where the book uses graphical illustrations to enhance children’s understanding of Chinese poems.

Liu Lu is also passionate about working with children using inquiry learning approaches inspired by Reggio Emilia learning philosophy. She strongly believes in respecting children as equal beings and helping them to express themselves through various interactive learning experiences.

Liu Lu believes that strong collaboration with the parents will help to build a healthy learning environment and experience for the children to thrive in. She takes pride in tailoring her teaching methods to support each unique child.

Having taught the Kindergarten children in EtonHouse Claymore for the past year, Liu Lu looks forward to a wonderful partnership with PNA families and children for the new academic year!

Bachelor of Arts – Early Years and Education Studies 

Jessica is from the United Kingdom where she attended University in Leeds. After completing her degree in Early Years and Education Studies, she moved to Barcelona, where she worked as an Early Years teacher at an International School teaching 2-4 year old children.

Jessica moved to Singapore in 2016 where she worked at a well renowned school, teaching mainly children aged 18 months to 3 years old. She also has experience working with early years children in other educational settings including a hospital where she worked as a play therapist, as well as at a Special Educational Needs School. Jessica advocates the importance of learning through play and connecting learning experiences to real life in the classroom. She aims to inspire children to explore their interests by exposing them to a variety of experiences and working alongside children to explore and develop a strong sense of belonging in a new environment. She enjoys observing, understanding and exploring the many ways that children learn and interact with the environment whilst stimulating the individual needs of each child.

Communication and relationships are of upmost importance to Jessica and she looks forward to creating open lines of communication and building strong relationships with the children, teachers and parents within the EtonHouse Claymore Community.

Having taught the Kindergarten children at EtonHouse Claymore for the past few years, Jessica is looking forward to working with the younger children in the new academic year!

Advanced Diploma in Special Needs and Inclusive Education

Diploma in Pre-School Teaching

As a native Chinese speaker from Malaysia, Fui Yee has been working with children for over 8 years. Before joining EtonHouse, she was a Mandarin Teacher at a Kindergarten offering bilingual programme in Singapore for 5 years.

Fui Yee has a true passion in working with young learners and helping each child grow and development in all areas – academic, social, language and motor skills. She chose to work with children because it was her childhood dream as a little girl to be a teacher. She believes that preschool experiences not only aid in children’s learning, but it also builds their confidence and self-reliance. She strongly believes that a positive home-school partnership and open communication with parents are important in her journey of nurturing young minds.

During her free time, Fui Yee enjoys running, reading, shopping and being out in the sun. Her favourite hobby is walking along the beach and collecting seashells.

Fuiyee has been with working with the younger years children at EtonHouse Claymore for the last 2 academic years and she looks forward to another successful academic year with Pre-Nursery B families!

Advanced Certificate in Early Years

Having developed a joy and passion in teaching the younger years in her role as a Gymnastics Coach, Nari went on to obtain Early Years teaching qualifications and became an Early Years educator a few years ago. 

Nari believes that the role of an Early Years educator is essential to a young child’s growth and development by providing a stimulating learning environment and safe space for the children to thrive in. As every child is unique, tailored learning plans and responses are required to ensure that appropriate and respectful care is offered to each child. Nari also strongly believes in establishing a close partnership with parents to appreciate, understand and support every child’s learning at school. 

Other than being bilingual in English and Mandarin, Nari is also able to converse in Thai. 

Outside of work, Nari enjoys dancing, cooking and brewing coffee. She hopes to open a small cafe in the future, stemming from her passion in cooking and brewing coffee. Kayaking and working out at the gym are also some sporty hobbies that Nari engages in during her free time. 

Nari is eager to connect with the Pre-Nursery B children and families to establish a stronger school-parent partnership for a successful academic year ahead.

Diploma of Children’s Services 

Rachel has more than 11 years of teaching experience working with young children. She has been teaching at Claymore for 5 years in various year groups.

Rachel received her childcare qualification in Sydney, Australia and later moved to Malaysia where she worked in an Australian based childcare center that implemented Play and Nature-based Curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach.

While at her previous school, she took on the roles of a supervisor and a toddler’s room leader. She moved to Singapore in 2016 and joined a bilingual immersion preschool as an English core teacher to further extend her career. Rachel enjoys creative experiences and incorporates this into her experiences with the children to enhance their creativity. She believes that every child is an artist and they are able to express their feelings, thoughts and imagination of the world through Arts.

She recognises that every child is different and unique. As an educator, we respect these differences and believe that children are capable to develop and explore at their own pace. She also believes that children learn through play and that the environment plays an important part in their play explorations.

Rachel has successfully supported the younger children in the last 3 years as Core Teacher in EtonHouse Claymore and she looks forward to working with the N1A children in August 2023!

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Chinese Education

Having taught for more than a decade in various preschool settings, Guoyan comes with a wealth of teaching experience and is well-trained to guide young learners in an inquiry- based learning environment. As a lifelong learner, Guoyan constantly seeks to upskill herself through various educational trainings or courses and she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Preschool Education in 2018.

Guoyan loves children and she enjoys working with young learners to develop their interests in various areas. Her previous teaching experience in E-Bridge Pre-School @ Punggol by Etonhouse also allows her to easily connect with the inquiry-based learning philosophy that we offer at Etonhouse International Pre-School Claymore. Guoyan has been working with the Nursery 1 children for the last 2 academic years at EtonHouse Claymore.

With a keen interest to support children with additional learning needs, Guoyan enrolled in a course for special children education this year.

Outside of work, Guoyan enjoys running. Being a native Chinese, she also enjoys spicy hotpot which she feels is the essence of Chinese cuisine.

She looks forward to fostering a love for Mandarin with the young learners and building a strong partnership with our Nursery 1A families in the new academic year!

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Business English

Masters in Media and Communication

Graduate Diploma in Craetive Technology 

Having the opportunity to study, work and live in China, New Zealand and Singapore, Sun Yan’s diverse background allows her to have a multicultural perspective in her 10 years of being an educator. Sun Yan used to be a university lecturer before she moved on to teach Chinese language in an international preschool.

Cynthia firmly believes that every child is unique. Passionate about education, she enjoys guiding young children to explore the world through inquiry and constant experimenting, allowing them to experience and develop problem-solving skills through critical thinking. As a lifelong learner herself, Cynthia values curiosity and encourages children to maintain their sense of wonder and continuously seek knowledge. She enjoys spending time with children and engaging in learning experiences that foster their growth and development.

Cynthia enjoys reading a wide range of books, including but not limited to topics like economics, social sciences and history. Her little known skills include programming in Python and Data Analysis.

Cynthia looks forward to a successful partnership with the N1A families and children in August 2023!

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education

Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Ashley has been working with young children in the Early Years since 2016. Ashley was brought up in East London, South Africa before leaving in 2016 with her husband to pursue her studies in education whilst working abroad and travelling around Asia. She has a wealth of teaching experience in multicultural and diverse learning environments in countries like Vietnam, China and Singapore.

Ashley believes that every child is a different kind of flower; unique and special in their own way. By keeping play as the core learning experience, she believes it will help motivate, stimulate and support children in their development in all aspects. She is passionate about creating positive environments and enriching experiences that give children opportunities to explore, be inspired and grow, as she feels that children have almost limitless capacity to learn when encouraged.

As a family-oriented individual, Ashley enjoys building relationships with her students, peers and parents. Ashley recognises that student achievement and success increase when parents and teachers display mutual support and are respected as partners.

Other than being a lover of active and outdoor experiences, Ashley also enjoys baking, spending time with family and friends, going to the beach and walking her rescue dogs – Luna and Lacey.

Ashley is looking forward to an exciting learning journey with the N1B children and their families in August 2023!

Diploma in Early Childhood Education 

Zhou Jin joins us with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and over 10 years of experience working at EtonHouse. She bases her Mandarin learning experiences on children’s interests and uses interactive teaching methods such as dance, song, art and craft and dramatic play to build connection to language experiences.

Zhou Jin sees children as capable individuals, playing an active role in their learning and supports their curiosities Mandarin Teacher Diploma in Early Childhood Education I love music and reading books during my free time. curiosities through organic learning opportunities. She respects children’s verbal and non-verbal interactions and uses active listening to build trusting relationships with them.

As she has been teaching in the EtonHouse community, she has a strong connection to our InquireThink-Learn Curriculum. She feels this allows her to build trusting relationships and support learning with sense of belonging fostered amongst the same teachers and children each day.

Zhou Jin looks forward to working closely alongside the N1B children and families!

Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education

Bachelor’s in Science (Chemistry)

Having been a Preschool Educator for the past four years prior to joining EtonHouse Claymore, Cynthia worked with young children of different ages from toddler to Kindergarten 2 levels. As a dedicated and passionate individual, she enjoys working in a team to bring out the best for the children in a close-knitted learning environment. She believes that a conducive environment is key towards effective learning.

An advocate for learning together with the children, Cynthia believes that her role as an Educator is to build experiences together with the children as they embark on their learning through play. She hopes to constantly pique children’s curiosity towards learning and guide them to want to explore more on their own.

Cynthia enjoys exploring and researching using different techniques to help children understand various learning concepts. Outside of work, she is picking up Sign Language and enjoys skating to nourish her mind and keep herself fit.

Having been with the Pre-Nursery B children in the last academic year, she looks forward to progressing to Nursery 1B children in August 2023!

Master of Arts in Education

Post Graduate Diploma in Language and Literacy Education

Bachelor of Science in Family Life and Child Development

Having been an educator for more than 14 years, Chrisel has vast teaching experiences and had previously taken up academic leadership roles in various school settings within the Philippines and Singapore. Chrisel enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise, hence she is often engaged in mentorship and exchanges with fellow teachers to better improve her craft in teaching. As a strong believer of Reggio Emilia learning environments which advocate for child-centred and authentic learning approaches, Chrisel has been working with the children in Pre-Nursery and Nursery 1 in the last 2 years.

Chrisel believes that educators in the Early Years sector play a very important role in shaping the minds of young children and she is constantly inspired by the children’s enthusiasm and eagerness to learn each day.

Currently living with her wonderful husband and two clever yet perky pet parrots, Chrisel also engages in many other hobbies such as travelling, cooking, painting and spending time at the beaches during summer. She is also an avid reader of fictional books of all genres.

Chrisel looks forward to a successful learning journey in the new academic year with Nursery 1C families and children!

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

As a Mandarin native speaker, Xinyu (Cindy) started her early childhood career in 2017 in China, Beijing where she taught in an international Kindergarten. She moved to Singapore in 2019 and continued her teaching stint where she worked with young children aged 18 months to 6.5 years old.

Xinyu (Cindy) places great importance on children’s interests and she respects the children’s voices by providing them a safe space to ask questions and participate in decision-making. By being an active listener of children’s voices, she believes that children will be able to develop self-confidence and a sense of belonging where they feel supported to grow and learn. Xinyu (Cindy) sees herself as a ‘researcher’, ‘co-learner’ and ‘facilitator’ in the children’s learning and inquiry process.

Outside of work, Xinyu (Cindy) enjoys cooking, drawing and sports. She especially loves doing sports as it instills self-discipline and helps her keep fit.

Having worked with the Pre-Nursery children at EtonHouse Claymore last academic year, Xinyu (Cindy) hopes to build a safe and happy learning space for the Nursery 1C children to explore, grow and blossom in with her jovial personality.

Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education (Teaching) 

Hui Jun began her early childhood career in 2011. She began her journey working with early years children as an assistant teacher and later became a class teacher. She has experience working with all year groups from Pre-Nursery through to Kindergarten 2, expressing a great passion towards working with the younger children within pre-school.

Hui Jun believes strongly in small group experiences where she is able to differentiate her teaching to meet the needs of all children within the class. It also provides her with the opportunity to plan experiences based on the interests of children and therefore creating a meaningful and enjoyable experience for all children in her care.

Hui Jun joined Etonhouse Claymore in 2019 and has worked with children across all levels in Associate Teacher/ Specialist roles.

Having been with the Pre-Nursery C children in the last academic year, Hui Jun looks forward to a continued strong partnership with the families and children in Nursery 1C!

Bachelor of Early and Primary Childhood Education

Beatriz, or as she likes to be called, Bea, was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. After graduating as an Early Years and Primary Teacher with a specialisation in Speech Therapy, she started her teaching career at an international school in the Netherlands, where she discovered her passion for teaching children with different abilities, backgrounds and cultures.

Beatriz enjoys observing children thinking outside the box and creating cooperative projects to develop their independence and teamwork skills. It is important for her to build a bond with her students; hence she likes exploring and learning about their culture and greeting them in their language.

Beatriz is an educator who facilitates and empowers children to become independent, passionate, engaged learners and most importantly, happy children. She is a patient andcaring educator who caters to differentiated learning needs and creates an inspiring and safe environment to unleash children’s imagination.

Being an energetic individual, Beatriz enjoys doing sports, especially Taekwondo, and discovering new places in her free time.

She believes that collaborating and working alongside parents and colleagues is key to supporting children’s needs and enhancing their education.

She looks forward to working with N2A children and families for a successful academic year ahead!

Bachelors of Art in Chinese Language and Literature Education

Hailing from China, Shirley moved to Singapore in 2008 and has been working as a Chinese Teacher for more than 12 years. Shirley has worked with children from different age groups at both local and international schools, and she joined EtonHouse Thomson 2 years ago. She enjoys the journey of building positive relationships with children, learning, exploring and improving with them. Shirley strongly believes that it is important to respect children. Respecting their interests and facilitating self-directed play will stimulate their curiosity for the world around them. This is a powerful motivation for them to engage and investigate in their own learning and develop interests. Outside of work, Shirley likes reading and hiking. After having her son in 2019, exploring the world with him has become another wonderful experience in her life. Shirley looks forward to learning and growing together with N2A children in August 2023!

Diploma in Preschool Leadership and Teaching

Eliyana (Eli) comes from Singapore and has been in the Early Childhood field since 2002. She currently holds a Diploma in Preschool Leadership and Teaching and is always on a quest to learn and continually upgrade her knowledge and understanding of the Early Childhood Education.

During her experience in this industry, Eli has been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with children of different age groups ranging from toddlers to six year olds in the various settings. Having worked in a Reggio inspired setting prior to this for a period of 4 years, Eli strongly believes in the Image of The Child, the importance of the Environment as the Third Teacher and how families are collaborators to the class research.

Eli is an outgoing person and she enjoys the outdoors. Eli enjoys capturing moments with her camera, travelling and discovering new places, cultures and languages, reading and scuba diving. She has previously started a personal Mindfulness Photography project which allows her to pause and appreciate the beauty in small things. Eli also aspires to grow her own produce someday and be self-sustainable.

Having worked with children of various age groups in EtonHouse Claymore, Eli looks forward to a wonderful partnership with N2A children and families in August 2023!

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) (Early Years Teaching) 

Silvia was born and educated near Milan, Italy, where she started her teaching career 7 years ago. After working in an international school there, she decided to merge her passion for Early Years education and Asian cultures and moved to Japan, where she has taught students aged 18 months to 5 years old using the UK National Curriculum and the IB Primary Years Programme.

A caring and passionate teacher, Silvia is always looking for ways to improve herself and her practice to provide her students with the best care and education possible. She believes in fostering children’s independence, natural curiosity and love of learning from an early age, and in order to do so she uses a holistic and child-led approach, where her students’ interests and passions are cultivated. Silvia believes each child is unique and capable of reaching their full potential, and that this should
be achieved through a strong and effective partnership between educators and families based on communication and mutual support.

Silvia spends her spare time cooking and watching movies, and she loves learning new languages and travelling, especially around Asia.

Having taught Pre-Nursery and Nursery 1 children at EtonHouse Claymore, she looks forward to working with the Nursery 2 children in August 2023!

Bachelor of Arts

Master of Education

Mary Zhang is a native Chinese, growing up and educated in Singapore. She furthered her studies at Monash University, Australia, where she obtained her two degrees: Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education.

In her previous roles, Mary has done extended research works and teaching which focused on bilingualism (Mandarin and English) among young children in Singapore. Mary has always been interested in early childhood education and she believes in inquiry-based learning because it develops critical thinking skills and self believes -confidence in the children. She also firmly believes that each child is gifted with his/her own creativity and imagination.

Mary joined Claymore in November 2015 and has successfully groomed many young children to be capable and confident learners over the years.

She looks forward in building positive and strong relationships with the N2B children and parents in August 2023!

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (Hons)

A passionate believer in the transformative power of Early Years education, Christine has been a preschool educator since 2016. Being a lifelong learner, Christine continues to upgrade herself and is currently undertaking an Inclusive Education course to create a more inclusive classroom environment for students.

Christine strives to tailor her learning approach to each student’s unique learning style. She encourages children to learn through self-exploration and engage in critical thinking by acting as a facilitator rather than an instructor in the classroom.

In her free time, Christine recharges herself by going for nature walks, reading, yoga and pilates. She can be seen often decked out in her favourite colour, pink, outside of work!

Christine joins Etonhouse Claymore in November 2022 as an Associate Teacher, and is excited to meet the Nursery 2 children and families in the new academic year!

First Class Bachelor of Arts in Childhood, Youth and Community Studies (Early Childhood)

Diploma in Children’s Care, Learning and Development

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Daniella has spent 5 years in Thailand, Bangkok as a founding member of a Reggio-inspired international preschool. She helped to design and implement the school curriculum and also had the pleasure of introducing teachers, support staff and parents to an educational approach which fostered communication, creative thinking and the importance of individuality within education.

Daniella relocated to Singapore and joined EtonHouse Thomson in 2022. A personal goal of Daniella’s is to embrace lifelong learning, and guided by this she sought a role within EtonHouse; a learning environment where teachers and children have the opportunity to construct and share knowledge in a space designed to provoke curiosity, creativity and conversation.

These principles create a foundation for Daniella’s practice, with her image of teaching and learning strongly centred on respect. We must respect each child’s right to wonder, discover and create in an environment where they feel safe, empowered and inspired.

Daniella is excited to join the EtonHouse Claymore community and is very much looking forward to working in partnership with the children and families of N2C in August 2023!

Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Amber has been in the education industry for 9 years. She began her teaching journey in from Year 2014, working with young children in a tuition centre offering Chinese classes. 

Amber joined EtonHouse Claymore in 2021 but took a short maternity break to welcome her newborn in early 2023. 

She is passionate about supporting young children and she aims to develop a strong rapport with her class as well as establishing trusting relationships with families. Amber believes that children will discover and learn new things through play and exploration in their daily experiences. 

She often engages in fun and interesting ways to help children explore the Chinese language, allowing them to learn in a safe and lively environment. Amber believes that education is not just about educators sharing knowledge with children, but it also offers opportunities for educators to be inspired by children’s refreshing perspectives. 

Outside of work, Amber enjoys visiting different places and countries, immersing herself in the local cultures. Her favourite hobby is cooking and she likes to try out new recipes from time to time. 

Amber looks forward to returning to school and she will be supporting Ms Daniella to ensure a successful transition and rest of the academic year for the Nursery 2C children and families.

Masters in Educational Leadership

Post Graduate in Teaching – Early Childhood

Bachelor of Science

Hailing from New Zealand, Lei has more than a decade of experience in the Early Childhood Sector. Lei was previously working in Australia, Sydney as a Centre Director in a boutique preschool. She continued her teaching stint in an international school after moving to Singapore in 2018.

Lei’s teaching philosophy encompasses the values of trust, respect and time. She enjoys working with young children and believes that lots of patience and trust are required for children to flourish and learn at school.

Being a mother of 3 adult children, Lei is now able to spend more time engaging in her interests and hobbies outside of work. Since Lei moved to Singapore, she became an avid cyclist where she embarks on food adventures on bike to source for good food around the island, making round trips of up to 100km! Lei also enjoys cooking, playing team sports, netball and touch as well as watching the league.

Lei had a wonderful academic year with K1 children at EtonHouse Claymore for the last one year and she looks forward to another exciting new academic year with the Kindergarten 1A children and families.

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education

Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Chinese)

Deng Hua is a native Mandarin speaker and she started her career as an Early Childhood Educator since 2009. She has a vast amount of teaching experience with all year groups from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2.

As a lifelong learner, Deng Hua further pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education at Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Deng Hua loves children and believes each child is unique in his or her own way. She enjoys creating interactive learning opportunities for the children and learning together in the process. Through years of teaching experience and expertise, she was able to engage children easily in play-based and inquiry-based learning experiences, as well as enhance their cognitive and problem-solving skills. Deng Hua also believes that good early reading habits are important for our young children.

She looks forward to forging strong bonds with K1A children and families in the new academic year!

Bachelors (Hons) in Philosophy

PGCE with Qualified Teacher Status (General Primary)

Previously based in EtonHouse Sentosa with roles of Core Teacher and Performing Arts Specialist, Matthew joins EtonHouse Claymore community in 2022 as a specialist teacher. Prior to joining EtonHouse, Matthew was trained and taught the UK National Curriculum in London. His role as a specialist at EtonHouse Claymore is centred on exploring elements of storytelling and performance through the 100 languages. Using a range of different experiences, he looks to build confidence in children’s communication, expressiveness and literacy. Across the four school terms, he will work with children from all age groups to explore dance, movement, music, percussion, drama and performance.

In London, Matthew used his knowledge of the arts to set up specialised classes with local artists as part of Arts Week. In Singapore, he has been creating video content of performances and practices for a local dance school. At the heart of his practice, an inquiry-based learning model remains key, with learning experiences being built to create an environment where learning remains engaging and fun. Building the first foundations for future storytellers requires an innovative and engaging approach to teaching.

Underpinning everything Matthew does is a belief that positive relationships are the key to providing the best education. Matt builds effective relationships with all members of the school community. Most fundamental is the relationship he develops with the learners in his care, to ensure they feel welcome and secure in their environment, whilst challenging them to step out of their comfort zone. Secondly, the relationships within the staff, where he collaborates and learns willingly. Thirdly, as a parent himself, Matthew understands the importance of the relationship with the parents of the learners who he communicates with face to face and via regular updates; building a respectful, amicable relationship with them can be key to a learner’s progress.

On a personal level, Matthew has enjoyed spending the past four years in Singapore with his wife and 15-year-old daughter. Most weekends are spent doing something sport related or walking his dog at the Singapore Botanical Gardens or MacRitchie Reservoir. Matthew is also an active member of a local sports club where he competed in local tennis and paddle competitions. During the holidays, he enjoys travelling in SouthEast Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature  

Diploma in Pre-School Education

Joyce has been in Singapore for over 11 years and prior to moving to Singapore, she taught in her native homeland of China for three years as a Mandarin and Dance teacher. Joyce has experience working in an early childhood education setting with children from Pre-Nursery through to Kindergarten. She continuously strives to enhance her knowledge and thoroughly enjoys supporting children’s learning in their early years.

Joyce has specialist skills in dance and playing the piano. She believes through the medium of song and dance, children acquire the language more easily. Joyce believes in creating a rich learning environment for children to grow and develop themselves with confidence.

In her spare time, she likes to travel to different countries to explore their culture and environment. Joyce hopes that her passion for Chinese language enables the children to learn in a fun and exciting way.

Having been at EtonHouse Claymore for 7 years, Joyce looks forward to working with K1B children in August 2023!

Associate cum laude Degree in Early  Children Education

Having been with EtonHouse for the last 7 years, Janida has previously worked with children from EtonHouse MountBatten 718 and EtonHouse Thomson campuses. Her wealth of teaching experience in EtonHouse provides her a strong advantage as she joins our Claymore community to continue working with young children in a Reggio-inspired preschool learning environment. She has also served as the Deputy Safeguarding Lead in EtonHouse Thomson, on top of her teaching duties.

Janida enjoys sharing about her earliest experiences growing up on a small island in the Caribbean and how it helped to shape her philosophy of education. As a child, she was fortunate to have the luxury of exploring through play and using her island as her teacher – a rich tapestry of sights, sounds and experiences that sparked her natural curiosity and ignited a lifelong passion for learning. It is this same sense of wonder and adventure that she strives to instill in her students every day, a belief that learning is an exciting journey of discovery that should be driven by personal interests and authentic experiences. As an educator, Janida is committed to creating a supportive and empowering learning environment where every child feels valued, respected and challenged to achieve their full potential.

Working with children has always been a passion of Janida’s. She believes that there is nothing more rewarding than helping young minds blossom and watching them discover new insights about themselves and the world around them. Whether it’s through play-based learning, exploration of the natural world or collaboration with peers, Janida believes that every child has the potential to thrive when given the right support and encouragement.

As a lifelong learner herself, Janida is always seeking out new opportunities for growth and development, both personally and professionally. She believes that being an educator is not just a job, but a calling and a chance to make a positive impact on the lives of young people as well as to shape the future generations of thinkers, creators and leaders. Janida is eager to share her passion for learning and teaching with the Claymore community in the new academic year starting from August 2023!

Diploma in Teaching Chinese Language

Emma began her teaching career in 2009 upon completion of her Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching. She started working as a Mandarin Language Teacher in Singapore for over 9 years and has worked with children of age groups ranging between 1.5 to 6 years old. She was awarded with Inspiring Educator Award in 2014 and obtained the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Language by Confucius Institute in 2018.

As a lifelong learner, Emma is now furthering her knowledge and working on obtaining a Specialist Diploma in Special Education Needs for Preschoolers (Mandarin) in order to better support young children at school.

Emma believes in learning Mandarin through singing, dancing and theatrical performances and uses these ways to encourage children to learn Mandarin during early stages of their lives. She sees young children as capable thinkers and communicators who explore, discover, hypothesize, learn how to solve problems and build and deepen their understanding of the world in which they live.

She explores the children’s world together with them by building good relationship through games and plays. She also believes that every child is a unique individual and needs to be respected.

Emma is excited to work with the K2 children in August 2023, and look forward to a wonderful partnership with the K2 families!


Claymore - Ms Ainhoa de Sola

Art has always been a passion of Ainhoa no matter the form. Since she was a child Ainhoa has been fascinated with parts of materials that she could find in her surrounding, collecting and making things with them. Ainhoa followed her passion and graduated in Fine Arts and after that, decided to further her curiosity in education with a degree in Early Childhood.

Ainhoa has experience working in an Art Academy for a couple of years, teaching art technique to a wide range of ages. After which she moved to England where she worked for three years in a Reggio Emilia School as Atelierista, developing her vision of the child and getting curious about other ways of teaching.

Ainhoa understands education as a playful process where adults and children create a dialogue using creativity as a main tool. She believes our children grow and develop to their best potential when they feel free to express themselves using their 100 languages and developing their own learning style.

Diploma in Physical Education  

Bernice joins us as the Physical Education Specialist. With 9 years of prior teaching experience, Bernice has enhanced our early years setting at Claymore with a goal to nurture a positive disposition towards physical education for all children. She believes that physical education builds self-esteem, self-belief and allows children to develop fundamental skills for life. Bernice feels that physical education can expand beyond looking at supporting young children to become skilled or talented at one particular sport later on. Rather, she would like to celebrate and support each child in reaching their own fullest potential as a physical being in the world.  

Bernice feels that it is important for children to lead active and healthy lifestyles into adulthood to support their well-being. Bernice plans to forge strong relationships with families and believes in offering home-school connections to make the programme visible. She plans to use the pre-school newsletters to make further suggestions about how families can extend and enhance interests/skills at home. 


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