Claymore - Ms Rachel Yap

Diploma of Children’s Services 

Rachel has more than 5 years of teaching experience working with young children. She received her childcare qualification in Sydney, Australia and later moved to Malaysia where she worked in an Australian based childcare center that implemented Play and Nature-based Curriculum with inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach. 

While at her previous school she took on the roles of a supervisor and a toddler’s room leader. She moved to Singapore in 2016 and joined a bilingual immersion preschool as an English core teacher to further extend her career. Rachel enjoys creative experiences and incorporates this into her experiences with the children to enhance their creativity. She believes that every child is an artist and they are able to express their feelings, thoughts and imagination of the world through arts. 

She recognises that every child is different and unique. As an educator, we have to respect the differences and believe that children are capable and will develop and explore at their own pace. She also believes that children learn through play and that the environment plays an important part in their play explorations. She looks forward to working with the Pre-Nursery A children! 

Claymore - Ms Zhou Jin

Diploma in Early Childhood Education 

Zhou Jin joins us with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and over 9 years of experience working at EtonHouse Mountbatten 718. She bases her Mandarin learning experiences on children’s interests and uses interactive teaching methods such as dance, song, art and craft and dramatic play to build connections to languages experiences. 

Zhou Jin sees children as capable individuals, playing an active role in their learning and supports their curiosities through organic learning opportunities. She respects children’s verbal and non-verbal interactions and uses active listening to build trusting relationships with them. 

As she has been teaching in the EtonHouse community, she has a strong connection to our Inquire Think-Learn Curriculum. She feels this allows her to build trusting relationships and support learning with sense of belonging fostered amongst the same teachers and children each day.


Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)  

(Early Years Teaching) 

Silvia was born and educated near Milan, Italy, where she started her teaching career 6 years ago. After working in an international school there, she decided to merge her passion for Early Years education and Asian cultures and moved to Japan, where she has taught students aged 18 months to 5 years old using the UK National Curriculum and the IB Primary Years Programme. 

A caring and passionate teacher, Silvia is always looking for ways to improve herself and her practice to provide her students with the best care and education possible. She believes in fostering children’s independence, natural curiosity and love of learning from an early age, and in order to do so, she uses a holistic and child-led approach, where her students’ interests and passions are cultivated. Silvia believes each child is unique and capable of reaching their full potential, and that this should be achieved through a strong and effective partnership between educators and families based on communication and mutual support. 

Silvia spends her spare time cooking and watching movies, and she loves learning new languages and travelling,  especially around Asia. She is looking forward to meeting and building positive relationships with the Pre Nursery B children and families, and is excited to be a part of the EtonHouse Claymore community! 

Claymore - Ms Kho Wan Zhen

Bachelor of Early Childcare Education 

Beatrice is a native Mandarin speaker who began her early childhood career in 2016. Before joining EtonHouse, she was a Mandarin teacher at a bilingual language kindergarten in Taiwan, nurturing early learners from age 2 to 6. She has great enthusiasm in teaching and is more than grateful each day to be a teacher. 

As an early childhood educator, Beatrice believes that children have the natural ability to learn from the experiences which they undergo. She is passionate about creating meaningful learning opportunities for her and exploring the world of knowledge with them. 

She hopes to motivate her children to enjoy the fun of learning while embracing the beauty of others.  She is happy to support the Pre-Nursery B class in the upcoming academic year with her abilities and cheerful heart! 

Claymore - Ms Carme Gonzalez

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education 

Carme comes from Spain and obtained her degree in Valencia, the city where she was born. In 2011 she decided to expand her experience and pedagogical knowledge where she lived in Reggio Emilia, Italy for voices to be equally listened, understanding that children have the right to be educated within respectful,  academic year. It was there that Carme felt the need to make children’s voices communicative and aesthetic environments where they are able to develop their own abilities. Recently, Carme also worked in a Reggio Emilia inspired Learning Community in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Carme is enthusiastic about reading and appreciates visual arts as an essential way to express oneself freely.  She believes children are creative, resilient and critical thinkers who are willing to exert their rights to enjoy their childhood while becoming independent and inquisitive citizens. 

Carme is inspired to create meaningful projects where children can thrive in their learning processes. She advocates the importance of dialoguing with parents and including them in their children’s daily learning experiences at Claymore. Carme also feels grateful for working alongside different educators which makes this learning journey very appealing from a personal and professional level. 

She looks forward to working alongside with the N1A families! 

Claymore - Ms Michelle Tay

Advanced Diploma in Special Needs and Inclusive Education 

Diploma in Pre-School Teaching 

Michelle began her teaching career 11 years ago after she graduated from  Seed Institute. She has worked with children of varying age groups from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten 2 and thoroughly enjoys working with younger years children. She is inspired by inquiry based learning and engages children through this approach while also incorporating elements of sensory exploration into her experiences. 

Although she has been in this industry for many years, she continues to seek new opportunities as a lifelong learner. After graduating with a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, she continued to pursue an  Advanced Diploma in Special Needs and Inclusive Education. Michelle is a patient and caring teacher who works with children on an individual level and differentiates to meet the needs of all the children in the class. 

She is a passionate and positive educator who embraces collaborative discussions as a way to grow as a  professional. Michelle is excited to continue to work alongside the N1A families as an Associate Teacher.

Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese  Language Education 

Shanshan graduated from Singapore University of Social Science with Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education. She holds the  Teaching Award for the Bachelor of Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education by Early Childhood Development Agency. Shanshan is a strong believer in life believer -long learning. Before she joining preschool education, she graduated from Xiamen  University with Certification of Self-taught higher education examinations and specialised in law. 

Shanshan possesses 11 years of experience in teaching Chinese language in Singapore, she has taught young children from the Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten levels. A patient, responsible and self-motivated educator, Shanshan strongly believes that preschool education has a great impact on every child, and an educator’s role is very important as they not only support the children in learning, but also the development and well-being of children. Through purposeful play and quality interactions, Shanshan believes in supporting children to be active learners of Mandarin, to enjoy using it and to communicate in Mandarin with confidence. 

In her free time, Shanshan enjoys reading, travelling, cooking, gardening and outdoor activities.

Claymore - Ms Ciara McGuigan

Bachelor of Arts- Childhood, Education and Culture 

  Ciara comes from the U.K where she obtained her Bachelor degree and began to build her professional experience as a teacher, specialising in nursery age children. Ciara then moved to Singapore in 2013 and has held teaching roles in well established pre-school settings supporting children from 18 months- 2.5 years in a Reggio Emilia inspired setting and more recently children 2-3 years in a Kindergarten. Ciara brings with her 9 years of direct teaching experience specialising with Nursery age children and looks forward to sharing her expertise with the children, teachers and parents at Claymore. She values the importance of physical and interactive environments for young children and aims to create a calm and natural space for children in her care.  

Ciara believes children learn best through hands on experiences where their interests and curiosities are fostered. She advocates the importance of routines and developing a sense of belonging for young children and aims to establish both through close teamwork with her partner teachers and warm collaboration with parents.  Ciara looks forward to using documentation (images and narrative) to show the children that she values their learning and to communicate with families about the discoveries and adventures the children embark on. 

Ciara has travelled extensively, including living in different European countries, Hong Kong and the Falkland  Islands. Ciara thoroughly enjoys her current home in South East Asia where she can immerse herself in the vast array of diverse cultures.

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education – Teaching 

Sari discovered her passion for early years education after she left her job as a  police officer. While pursuing her diploma in Early Childhood, she found and fell in love with Reggio Emilia approach. Before joining EtonHouse, Sari has gained her teaching experience in both local and international preschool. 

Sari strongly views children can express and learn in many ways. She also believes that every child is unique,  and they deserve a safe, respectful and caring learning environment. As an educator, Sari is eager to provide the children with different possibilities for thinking, constructing, negotiating, developing and expressing their ideas and feelings. 

Sari also believes in the relationship between parents and educators. She regards parents as an important resource for children’s learning. Parents and educators can exchange ideas to build a more positive and productive learning environment. 

Diploma of Early Childhood Care and Education – Teaching (Chinese) 

Masters in Teaching Chinese as an International Language  

Li Dan is a passionate early years educator who joins us with over 10 years experience in teaching Mandarin. She has experience working with young children believes in providing opportunities for children to explore in an environment that is intentional and meaningful. 

Li Dan ensures that she always incorporates a sense of joy while working alongside children to learn a new language as she believes in interest-based learning. As a life-long learner, she has recently earned her Masters Degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language at the National Institute of Education in Singapore.  

Li Dan continues to look forward to contributing to inculcating a love for Mandarin in our Nursery 1B  children!

Claymore - Ms Louise O’Toole

Diploma in Child Psychology (Education) 

Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education 

Louise comes from Ireland and she moved to Singapore with her husband and three children in 2011. Prior to EtonHouse, she has taught in Special Rights schools, working primarily with children from 2 to 6 years old utilising her knowledge in child psychology.  

Louise has been working at EtonHouse Claymore since August 2016, during her time in our pre-school community she has been working primarily with the Nursery children. She has a passion for working in early years education and aims to nurture and support young children to express themselves in many ways. As an educator, Louise hopes to inspire their learning through the inquiry-based approach, developing their self-confidence and communication skills.  Her background in pastoral care allows her to support the individual needs and various learning styles of each child. 

As a lifelong learner and educator, Louise continues to enrich her education studies as she works towards her second qualification, a BA in Early Childhood Education. In her spare time Louise enjoys spending time with her family, reading, watching movies and travelling to new places. She is excited to supporting Nursery 1C children and parents in August 2021. 

Diploma in Early Childhood Education (L2) 

MBA in Business Administration 

Theresia’s journey as an educator with EtonHouse began in 2010. During her time with us, she has taken on various roles, such as an Associate Teacher, Core Teacher and also Librarian. She is familiar with the spaces at Claymore as she previously worked (with PN and N1) for two years. 

As an educator, Theresia is inspired by the creativity of children and the 100 Languages that they use to explore, connect and express themselves. Theresia believes that when working with a collaborative approach,  children lend themselves positively to a rich and meaningful learning environment.  

Working with children has always been a fulfilling and rewarding experience for Theresia. She believes that learning is a continuous process and that children complicate their thinking through hands-on explorations.  Theresia is a mother of two children and understands the active learning that occurs within the pre-school setting. She is excited to embark on the learning journey with the N1C children! 

Degree of Education 

Amber has been in the education industry for 7 years. She began her journey in Chinese education from a well-known Chinese tuition centre specialised in working with young children since 2014. 

Amber is passionate about supporting young children and aim to develop a strong rapport with her class and establishing trusting relationships with families. 

Amber believes that children will discover and learn new things through playing and exploration in their daily life. She will encourage children to use fun and interesting ways to explore Mandarin, allowing them to learn in a safe and lively environment. Amber believes that education is not just about children gaining knowledge from teachers but teachers will also experience more kindness from children while working with them. 

When not at work, Amber likes to visit different places and experience the local living culture in different countries. Her favourite hobby is cooking and she likes to try out new delicacies.