Through my years as an Early Childhood educator, I realised that parents give a great amount of trust by placing their children in our care. Hence I carry the belief of creating a “Home Away from Home” – a cozy, safe and nurturing learning environment for children. My philosophy for learning is that each child is unique and learns in a different way. One of my job as a teacher is to help your child discover his or her individuality and work alongside with them to maximize it. I believe in hands-on experiences, learning creatively and learning though play. Home-school partnership, especially empowering parents in their child’s learning, also plays a big part in ensuring that learning continues back home. Together, we can create opportunities of success and celebrate milestones with your child.


UBT - Ms Nadirah Abd Rahim

I believe that each child is a unique, capable, creative, smart and independent individual who are entitled to learn and grow in a safe, respected and enriching environment. I will support and nurture these qualities and challenge the children in appropriate manners through the Reggio Emilia approach.
I love to interact with children and help them learn good morals and values in life.  I believe that we can LEARN and GROW together with the children.
Learning should be active, engaging, involved and fun! I am honored to share my experience and knowledge with the families and teachers of 215UBT.

UBT - Ms Yip Jin Wen Janelle

I strongly believe that every child has their strengths and weaknesses and as a teacher, my role is to enhance the children’s strength as well as to work on their weaknesses. I believe that children learn best in topics which they are interested in and as such, opportunities for children to explore, discover, create and even imagine should be provided for them. Aside from education, I also believe that it is important for children to have human values such as respect, compassion, integrity and empathy towards others.

“Education begins the moment we see children as innately wise and capable beings. Only then can we play along in their world” – Vince Gowmon 

I believe that children are natural learners that will thrive when provided with the right support and encouragement. As an educator, it is my responsibility to provide them with the appropriate materials, environment and space to explore to their full potential. I strongly believe in listening to the voices of children and creating meaningful experience for children through play.

UBT - Ms Charissa Tan

Children deserve to have their thoughts, feelings and opinions respected and should always be given a safe space to express them so the art of communication in them is cultivated and strengthened with practice and guidance. With an environment that is crafted for a variety of learning styles to ensure that all are given equal opportunities to flourish, my vision for the children is not only for them to be guided to grow into independent, capable and confident learners but also compassionate learners as well.
As we work hand-in-hand with families to shape children’s thought processes and perspectives, we are gradually building them up for success in the future; one where they recognize that success is not defined by their mistakes or failures, but by the resilience and courage that springs forth from embracing those failures.

UBT - Ms Priya Latha Santhirasegaran

As an early childhood educator, I believe that every child is special and unique in their own way. A child is a thinking individual who thrives in an enriched environment. With my experience in guiding young children to enhance their skills, I also believe working hand in hand together with the parents to watch their children’s progress. Children will experience the joy of learning by preserving the excitement and curiosity in them through various interesting activities.
I love to explore together with the children where we can invent a masterpiece by putting different ideas together.
As a life-long learner, I have always been keen to upgrade myself to learn and try out new and fun filled activities to incorporate them in the learning environment.

UBT - Ms Ding Qi

我认为每位幼儿都是独一无二的,认真倾听 他们的心声,了解每一位幼儿的 性格特点,才能给予他们最好的帮助。在学习中我会提供孩子们所需要的材料, 让他们自由探索学习,培养他们的创造力和独立能力。

I believe that learning should be a collaboration with the children. My aim is to encourage children to be constructors of their own learning, provide children with opportunities for creative expression and create a quality learning environment for the children learn in. As a teacher, I will learn alongside children and critically reflect on my teaching to create and support meaningful learning opportunities for children to discover their love for learning.

Greatness is an inherently dynamic process, not an end point. I reflect the important rule of educating where work is never done. In other words, even after a culture is built, educators are collaborating and making calculated risks, it is necessary for us to ensure that we are consistently checking in, evaluating and acquiring. This will lead to flexibility in adapting the current means on how children may learn better given the great deal of learners of the 21st Century. When educators embrace such values as a lifelong process, children will equally savour the experiences of endless learning. This will heighten their capacities towards solving problems as acquisitions from previous incidences naturally equip them with ways to resolve subsequent and similar situations, simultaneously boosting their potential, resilience and competencies. As Albert Einstein once said, “Example is not another way to teach, it is the only way to teach”. Children are pure where any prior knowledge or skills are either imitated or copied from adults in their life. Thus, the responsibility of teaching by example is equitably significant.

UBT - Ms Cindy Cao Xingting


UBT - Ms Yeo Si Qi

Every child is an unique individual with the right to being treated with
respect, love and commitment. It is my role to nurture the pebbles of wonder and foster positive social-emotional development; and my goal to ignite the love for learning in a reassuring and inviting environment.
I believe in working hand-in-hand with parents and the community to promote curiosity and kindness, as well as instil resilience and adaptability to empower children with the heart and skills to be lifelong superheroes to better this world we live in.

UBT - Ms Jiang Xin


UBT - Ms Amelia Yap

I believe every child is unique and they learn at different paces using different methods. Our role as teachers is to observe, listen and question in order to further extend children’s thinking and to deepen their understanding of the world. I view the classroom as a third teacher and a safe environment for children to voice out their thoughts, ideas and opinions. To me, teaching a journey where learning takes place not only for the children but also for the teachers and the community.

UBT - Ms He Hua


UBT - Ms Yeong Pei Jie

I strongly believe that children learn through play as play offers young children the opportunity to put their ideas into action. I also believe in the importance of a carefully prepared learning environment that invites young children to explore and learn through play. Furthermore, the quality of family relationships also plays a vital role in children’s learning and development. Positive relationships between home and school support children as they settle into school. I am looking forward to the academic year ahead as we develop a strong class community, make meaningful connections and delve into collaborative learning experiences together.

UBT - Ms Zeng Li


UBT - Ms Amanda Lee

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart  from it.” – Proverbs 22:6
As a teacher preparing children for the 21st century, I believe that it isn’t sufficient to teach the academic skills. Many people could do that! I strongly believe that in order to excel in today’s society, our young children need to have the soft skills to be adaptive regardless of the situation and they ought to be curious learners who are individuals that are able to learn. This is also why, as a teacher, I try my utmost best to make learning meaningful through play as learning takes place when interest in present. Wouldn’t you agree?