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Giving our students a voice
The Student Representative Council is a student-based organisation designed to help promote school spirit and leadership among students and to give them a voice in the running of their school. Its members are student representatives, one boy and one girl from each class from Year 2 upwards, each elected to the council by their peers. By giving our students the power to vote for their student representatives, they get a first-hand look at the campaigning process from nomination to election and are exposed to key issues such as democracy and integrity. Once a week, the SRC meets to discuss school-wide issues that can range from general administrative problems to the planning of school activities, playground issues and the need to help friendless children. As the bridge between our students and the school, the SRC also raises any concerns faced by our students and reports on problems before they develop into major issues. By giving our student representatives the power to lead their peers, we not only teach them responsibility but also instil empathy and the need to care and look out for others. Developing character and lifelong skills SRC members have the opportunity to meet new friends and work with a wide variety of people. From an early age, they also:
  • Learn how to make a positive impact on school and in the community;
  • develop skills in note-taking and the recording of minutes of meetings;
  • gain experience in public speaking; and
  • develop leadership skills.
It is a well-recognised observation among our teachers that, by Year 6, a past-serving SRC member is easy to pick out from the crowd due to the confidence they exude and the level of communication skills they possess. Making a positive difference This important role allows SRC members to make a positive impact on the school and in the community. For the school Over the years, our SRC has made some amazing contributions to the betterment of our school. Changing the format of the school’s notification letters to parents from paper-based to electronic mail in a bid to save paper is just one of the many positive examples. Others include setting up clean up campaigns, school fundraisers, and a ‘Lost & Found’ patrol, as well as organising student opinion polls. For the community With the support of our teachers and parents, the SRC has organised many community initiatives including supporting local charities and participating in community recycling projects. Parent School Association  The EtonHouse Broadrick family is made up of more than just our students, even though we are proud of the longlasting relationships we form with them. Our strong bonds extend to our Parent School Association (PSA) as well. All parents are automatically members of the PSA. Active members of the PSA are involved in many aspects of the school and are an integral and vital part of our community – as parents your support and involvement is welcomed at whatever level of time you have. PSA Meetings are also an opportunity to raise questions in Town Hall-type meetings.   


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