Edward Wyn Jones is from Wales, UK and has been an educator for 26 years. He was previously a Head teacher in Wales, UK for 13 years. Edward has a strong passion for developing future leaders and values the EtonHouse bilingual approach. He shares our vision that there are many ways of looking at the world in one school. He’s looking forward to developing the creative arts at EtonHouse Broadrick. To bring even more music, colour and joy here, and to work with the whole community to move the school forward for the next 25 years of its development.

Mr Peter Dart is a dedicated and experienced educator from Australia. His career in education has included 13 years in Australia and Hong Kong in public and private education systems in Primary and High schools. He has also been a part of teams which provided consultation on international schooling. He received a Bachelor of Learning Management with Honours from Central Queensland University, Australia. In his career, he has been a Homeroom Teacher, Rugby League Coach for Central Queensland, Head of the Arts Department in Education Queensland, Head of Technology and Assistant Head of PYP, along with contributing to many other programs along the way. 

Mr Dart endeavours to provide learners with the opportunity to follow their interests and inquire into the world around them. He understands that this involves the acquisition of many different skills and, most importantly, the ability to collaborate and learn from others around them. He hopes to pass on this enthusiasm to learners and teachers in his network.

His passion for learning also includes a keen interest in technologies and how they are changing learning and the world around us. In his role as the PYP Coordinator, he is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring technologies into the curriculum. 

Mr Dart endeavours to provide learners with the opportunity to follow their interests and inquire into the world around them. He understands that this involves the acquisition of many different skills and, most importantly, the ability to collaborate and learn from others around them. He hopes to pass on this enthusiasm to learners and teachers in his network.

His passion for learning also includes a keen interest in technologies and how they change learning and the world around us. He has received certification in many platforms and programs, including; Google, Apple, See Saw, Microsoft, and many more. He’s very excited to be working in Singapore education which seeks to advance educational technology and learning.

Ms Cynthia Yao Qi graduated from James Cook University Singapore with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education in 2019.  Cynthia has experience with children aged from two to eight years old at both local and international schools. She focuses on learning about the early childhood curricula and pedagogy and particularly enjoys integrating digital technologies into classrooms.

Cynthia joined EtonHouse after graduation from James Cook University Singapore in 2019. She started working with the preschool team at EtonHouse Broadrick and has experience working with children from Nursery 2 to Year 1. 

Cynthia brings patience and joy to the classroom. She is very passionate about helping children learn and grow and is skilled in supporting children’s inquiries using multimodal language acquisition in both English and Mandarin. Cynthia strongly believes that each child is unique and advocates for a student-centred approach to learning where children are agents of their learning. In her free time, Cynthia enjoys dancing and roller skating in her neighbourhood.

Ishbel Warifa is an Early Childhood Development and Education diploma holder who graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic before joining Etonhouse Broadrick. Ishbel grew up with a strong love and passion for teaching children, which she had discovered at the age of 10 while teaching her younger relatives early numeracy and literacy. 

Ishbel believes in her personal philosophy that “children should have fun while they are learning and learn even while they are having fun”. To support this, she encourages  the Reggio Emilia approach which EtonHouse uses through her use of student-guided themes and curriculum. Ishbel believes that core lessons can be taught through various topics and that it is important to incorporate children’s interests into such lessons to optimise the outcome.

Ishbel has had multiple internships and experience in local schools, as well as education on the IB PYP curriculum. She also has experience as a relief teacher in primary schools as well as volunteer experience at children’s homes.

With over 17 years in Early Childhood Education, Ms Maria has worked in a variety of preschools in Sri Lanka, USA and Indonesia. Her exposure to different teaching philosophies and cultures enables her to utilise hybrid strategies to introduce new concepts, establish environmental connections, teach fundamental skills and foster independent learning through mindfulness. 

With a combined degree in Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and Early Childhood Care, Maria has been a catalyst in fostering collaborative and engaging educational environments to develop productive, thoughtful, and self-motivated young individuals. 

Maria believes in the importance of allowing children to embrace individuality and recognise each student’s unique potential, and foster their abilities in a supportive environment. Emphasising this framework, Maria structures her learning environment and curriculum that promotes children’s interests and their natural quest for knowledge, leading to experiences in problem-solving, inquiry, investigation, discovery and active hands-on exploration.

Ms Niu Lei joined EtonHouse International School as a Mandarin teacher in 2011. She holds the Teacher’s Qualification Certificate in the Chinese Language, which is awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Education. She is experienced in teaching Mandarin as a foreign language and native language to students from K1 to Y4. Before that, she taught at Golden Future Preschool Education Center in Beijing for three years. She is a caring teacher who believes that respecting children is respecting herself.

Ms Niu Lei holds a degree in Pre-school Art Education from the Beijing Institute of Education and a degree in Music Education from Xinyang Normal University. She teaches Guzheng at EtonHouse as well.

Uma Saravanan has more than 6 years of experience working in Early Childhood Education. She has a Bachelors in Sociology and completed a Diploma in Early Childhood and has a vast experience working in different schools in Singapore, both local and international in Reggio Emilia Approach.

In her previous experience, she worked as a lead teacher for pre-Nursery and Nursery One & Two. Uma strongly believes that open-ended materials, environments, and experiences encourage children to solve problems. It allows children to come up with their ideas, to make things the way they decide, and to figure out for themselves. She encourages creativity in young children and believes that arts can help children to express themselves more. 

Uma loves travelling with her family to see new places and experience different cultures and traditions. She likes physical activities and spends time on weekends walking, cycling, and doing yoga. Uma is excited for the wonderful journey along with the children and families. She is happy to be a part of the team and looking forward to meeting up with all!

Ms Micheline completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with honours from the University of Nottingham and a Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from London Teacher Training College. She is currently completing her Master’s in Education, focusing on Inclusion Support, through the University of Nottingham in the UK. Ms Micheline joined EtonHouse three years ago as a full-time resource teacher and has taught in all classes from N2-Y6.  She has become a familiar and trustworthy face to the students at all levels.  She tries to build positive relationships with students and partnerships with families.

Ms Micheline enjoys working with students coming from different nationalities and learning from them as well. She considers herself a global citizen and greatly respects the diversity, strengths and different learning styles of students.  She has taught in countries such as the USA, Colombia, Malaysia and Singapore.  In her free time, Ms Micheline loves practising yoga, doing sports and playing the piano.   

For her undergraduate degree, Ms Micheline graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Marketing Management and International Business.

A strong, passionate classroom teacher, Miss Kristy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from The University of Notre Dame, Sydney, Australia.  She has taught across K-6 grades in elementary schools in Australia and Singapore. With a genuine love of teaching and learning, she brings a broad range of educational knowledge and expertise, with a particular focus and interest in teaching in the early years. 

Kristy’s teaching style focuses on student-centred learning. She makes it a priority to build positive, trusting relationships with and amongst her students and fosters a classroom culture of high student engagement and reflective learning that consistently aims to move student learning forward. Kristy has a strong background in differentiated, inquiry-based learning, promoting creative and critical thinking amongst her learners.

Kristy is an avid lover of the great outdoors. In her spare time, she can be found swimming, hiking, diving, playing netball, eating yummy food and exploring all of Singapore’s hidden gems. 

Ms Swati holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a certification in Nursery teaching from India and a Graduate certificate in International Education from Melbourne University.  Ms Swati has been teaching for fifteen years, starting in various parts of India and then moving to Singapore in 2014, working with children from Early years to Primary. She has a passion for reading, writing and developing literacy skills in young children.

Ms Swati believes that  “It is important for educators to empower students with the skills to become confident, independent, curious and responsible for their learning. It is important to create a safe and warm environment, where each child will feel confident to explore, with play as an active part in their learning.” In her words, “As a teacher, I believe that all teaching and learning approaches should support children to develop responsibility for their own learning and provide opportunities for lifelong learning. So active learning is embedded in my daily practice, where I encourage my students to work collaboratively with their peers.”

Ms Vinita, a Singaporean of Indian descent, comes with immense teaching experience and calls EtonHouse Broadrick her second home. She became a part of the EH community in 1997 for a year and continued since 2000 as an Early Years Educator. Ms Vinita has worked in all Preschool year levels over the last 23 years. She plays an important role in nurturing students and building a strong foundation while ensuring they are able to grow in a safe learning environment. She builds a positive relationships with students and partnerships with families.

Ms Vinita along with her class teacher role has also previously held the portfolio of the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) supervisor and Kindergarten One coordinator. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Degree in Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education -Teaching and a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education -Leadership.

For her continuous dedication, Ms Vinita was sent on a study trip to Reggio Emilia in 2017, where she learned about the rights of children, the theories and the organisations.

Making a difference in a child’s life has driven Nur Nadzirah to be in the education scene for over six years. With her bubbly personality, it’s no wonder she is able to illuminate her students with a myriad of activities to keep them hungry for more. She has come across students from all walks of life which enables her to mould and cultivate them in their own element. 

Nur Nadzirah’s passion in bringing education to life was the core of her clenching her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. She completed her training from Singapore Polytechnic on Supporting the Development of Children 7 – 14 years. On top of that, she has undergone training in Development, Interacting and Working with Students with Learning Disabilities from Rainbow Centre which allows her to enhance her skill set. 

Nur Nadzirah believes that one should possess enthusiasm and empathy when shaping young minds to become leaders of tomorrow. She strongly feels that education should not be limited to just in a classroom, but rather in a broader spectrum. A teacher is like a role model and second home where students feel they belong.

Ms Wang Mingyue is an experienced teacher with a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from JiNan University and a Diploma in Pre-school Education.

She has also been awarded the internationally recognised Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from the Confucius Institute of China.

Ms Wang has been with EtonHouse International School since August 2014 as a Chinese teacher and has taught mainstream Mandarin classes from N2 to Y5 and Bilingual classes for preschool classes. Before that, she worked as a kindergarten teacher and Early Learning Institution teaching Director in Beijing, China.

She believes in and greatly respects the diversity, strengths and different learning styles of every child in the class. She believes children learn best through play and curiosity, and her practices are strongly based on the inquiry approach. She loves to engage children in interactive experiences and give them the space and time to explore, discover and wonder independently.  Outside the classroom, Mingyue loves to travel, hike, dance and spend time volunteering. 

Ms Lynne Mc Cullagh is an experienced teacher, who earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Dublin City University, Ireland, in 2011, and where she is now completing her Master of Education. 

Lynne has over ten years of teaching experience working as both a classroom teacher and as an assistant principal. She has worked in Spain, the UAE and Ireland in a variety of bilingual settings.

Lynne has a passion for play-based learning, promoting children to collaborate, communicate and lead their own learning creatively. She also has an interest in promoting children’s well-being and in their holistic development. 

In her spare time, Lynne enjoys hiking and being active and exploring the great outdoors.