Edward Wyn Jones is from Wales, UK and has been an educator for 26 years. He was previously a Head teacher in Wales, UK for 13 years. Edward has a strong passion for developing future leaders and values the EtonHouse bilingual approach. He shares our vision that there are many ways of looking at the world in one school. He’s looking forward to developing the creative arts at EtonHouse Broadrick. To bring even more music, colour and joy here, and to work with the whole community to move the school forward for the next 25 years of its development.

Mr Peter Dart is a dedicated and experienced educator from Australia. His career in education has included 13 years in Australia and Hong Kong in public and private education systems in Primary and High schools. He has also been a part of teams which provided consultation on international schooling. He received a Bachelors of Learning Management with Honours from Central Queensland University, Australia. In his career he has been a Homeroom Teacher, Rugby League Coach for Central Queensland, Head of the Arts Department in Education Queensland, Head of Technology and Assistant Head of PYP, along with contributing to many other programs along the way. 

Mr Dart endeavours to provide learners with the opportunity to follow their interests and inquire into the world around them. He understands that this involves the acquisition of many different skills and, most importantly, the ability to collaborate and learn from others around them. He hopes to pass on this enthusiasm to learners and teachers in his network.

His passion for learning also includes a keen interest in technologies and how they are changing learning and the world around us. In his role as the PYP Coordinator, he is always looking for new and exciting ways to bring technologies into the curriculum. 

Paloma Diaz is a Spanish educator with 7 years of experience teaching in international schools. She has taught in Madrid (Spain), Dubai (UAE), Tirana (Albania) and is super excited to be relocating to Singapore. As a teenager, she spent every summer living with host families around the world to learn languages and she is confident that this awoke her interest in later becoming an international educator. 

Paloma holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Master’s Degree in International Education and Bilingualism, and a PYP Certificate in Teaching and Learning. She has experience as an Early Childhood Educator and as an Early Years Coordinator. Her priority in the class is for students to feel loved and safe, to enjoy learning, and to feel free to ask questions. She is passionate about concept-based, inquiry, play-based learning and the use of the ATL skills with the toughest students. When she is not at school, she likes going to the beach, hiking, watching documentaries, and travelling. Fun fact, Singapore will be her country number 62.

With over 18 years in Early Childhood Education, Ms Maria has worked in various preschools in Sri Lanka, USA and Indonesia. Her exposure to different teaching philosophies and cultures enables her to utilise hybrid strategies to introduce new concepts, establish environmental connections, teach fundamental skills and foster independent learning through mindfulness. 

With combined education in Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and Early Childhood Care, Maria has been a catalyst in fostering collaborative and engaging educational environments to develop productive, thoughtful, and self-motivated young individuals. 

Maria believes in the importance of allowing children to embrace individuality and recognize each student’s unique potential and foster their abilities in a supportive environment. Emphasising this framework, Maria structures her learning environment and curriculum that promotes children’s interests and their natural quest for knowledge, leading to experiences in problem-solving, inquiry, investigation, discovery and active hands-on exploration.

Making a difference in a child’s life has driven Nur Nadzirah to be in the education scene for over six years. With her bubbly personality, it’s no wonder she is able to illuminate her students with a myriad of activities to keep them hungry for more. She has come across students from all walks of life which enables her to mould and cultivate them in their own element. 

Nur Nadzirah’s passion in bringing education to life was the core of her clenching her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. She completed her training from Singapore Polytechnic on Supporting the Development of Children 7 – 14 years. On top of that, she has undergone training in Development, Interacting and Working with Students with Learning Disabilities from Rainbow Centre which allows her to enhance her skill set. 

Nur Nadzirah believes that one should possess enthusiasm and empathy when shaping young minds to become leaders of tomorrow. She strongly feels that education should not be limited to just in a classroom, but rather in a broader spectrum. A teacher is like a role model and second home where students feel they belong.

Ms Niu Lei is an experienced preschool Chinese teacher with a deep passion for early childhood education in Mandarin. She joined EtonHouse International School as a Mandarin teacher in 2015 and holds the Teacher’s Qualification Certificate in the Chinese Language awarded by the Chinese Ministry of Education. She holds a degree in preschool art education from Beijing Institute of Education and also holds a degree in music education from Xinyang Normal University. 

Teacher Niu is dedicated to creating a nurturing and immersive learning environment where young learners can develop their language skills through engaging activities and interactive lessons.

Jennifer is from Scotland and has been living in Singapore since 2018. She holds a BA degree in Childhood Studies and, Early Education and Childcare from the UK. Jennifer has worked at EtonHouse Thomson for 5 years, teaching Kindergarten 1. She has also taught the British Curriculum internationally for over five years and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence in the UK. Her teaching journey has taken her to Qatar, the Czech Republic, and the UAE, contributing to her growth as an educator. Jennifer believes that children are confident, competent, and creative individuals driven by curiosity. Jennifer values social interaction among children and aims to provide a safe, welcoming, and stimulating environment that accommodates various learning styles. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, experiencing different cultures and cuisines, and staying active. Jennifer is excited to meet her new class and looks forward to a fulfilling year at Broadrick.

Ms Aishah is an enthusiastic educator who has been in the early childhood industry since 2014. She graduated from a local institute in Singapore that earns her a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Teaching (Childcare) and Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Intervention (Special Needs). She has worked with and supported children of different talents. This drives her to continue communicating and impacting the children’s world positively.  Aishah emphasises herself firstly, and others to strive for kindness and caring. Aishah aims to impart skills and knowledge that could help the children to utilize them for the greater good. Being caring individuals will help to shape the world into a better place.

Mr Wang completed his Master`s degree in the top school in China, Peking University. He has also been awarded the internationally recognised Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Mr Wang is passionate about Mandarin education. He is very caring and patient to the student. He teaches the students in an effective way, as a result, students learn responsibly and achieve good outcomes. The students enjoy his lessons, which are quite interesting and full of creativity. Their Chinese language proficiency has been improved effectively. He also has talent in art and is a rare outstanding teacher. He builds a caring and inspiring Bilingual language learning environment encouraging the students to think and explore.

Mr Wang loves reading, drawing and writing children’s stories in his spare time. He has published 3 children bilingual picture books in Singapore. 2 of the books have been collected by the NLB, 1 of those have been collected as PublicationSG in the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library.

“We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist … using technologies that haven’t been invented … in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.”

Ms Katie is an Early Years Specialist with over 20 years of International teaching experience in places such as Hong Kong, the USA and the UAE. Originally from the UK, Katie obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Drama which has proven itself a wonderful asset in the early years’ classroom. She received her PGDE specialising in Early Years education and an MA in International Educational Leadership and Change Management. 

Katie has held various teaching and leadership roles in schools offering many different approaches over the years, but simply loves being in the classroom learning alongside the children. One of Katie’s passions is curriculum and instruction.  She is a licensed ‘Concept Based Curriculum and Instruction’ trainer and consultant, the pedagogy that underpins the IB framework.

Katie is a true advocate for play-based, inquiry learning and understands its critical importance to young children. She looks forward to meeting your children and working in partnership with you to provide the best experience for your child at Broadrick.

Jamina Chua Magdaraog strives to be an accomplished educator who is passionate about teaching and shaping young minds. She is currently pursuing another qualification in English and English Literature at SUSS, which reflects her lifelong love of learning.

After a stint in the legal industry, Jamina soon realized that her true passion laid in the hands of the littles ones and made the switch in 2017. She is of the firm belief that every child is innately curious and that educators play a crucial role in developing that curiousity into a love of life and learning. 

Etonhouse Broadrick is Jamina’s 2nd international school experience, having previously spent 5 years working with Kindergarten and Grade 1 students in another international school. 

Growing up, Jamina had lived in several countries which has given her a unique perspective on interacting with people from diverse cultures.

In addition to being an aspiring teacher, Jamina is a polyglot who speaks six languages and is working on her seventh – French. Her interests also extend to reading, travelling and crying during the Epilogue of Les Misérables.

Ms Wang Mingyue is an experienced teacher with a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language from Jinan University and a Diploma in Pre-school Education. She has also been awarded the internationally recognised Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from the Confucius Institute of China.

As a Chinese teacher, Ms Wang has been with EtonHouse International School since August 2014 and has taught mainstream Mandarin classes from N2 to Y5 and Bilingual classes for preschool classes. Before that, she worked as a kindergarten teacher and Early Learning Institution teaching Director in Beijing China.

She believes in and greatly respects the diversity, strengths and different learning styles of every child in the class. She believes children learn best through play, and curiosity and her practices are strongly based on the inquiry approach. She loves to engage children in interactive experiences and give them the space and time to explore, discover and wonder independently.  Outside the classroom, Ms Wang loves to travel, hike, dance, and volunteer.

Ms Nutan Mangwani has more than 20 years of experience. Her extensive teaching experience spans from teaching young school children to working with postgraduate young minds.

She joined EtonHouse nine years ago and, during this time, has been involved in developing the curriculum for ICT. Nutan has taught children from Nursery to Year 6. During the past few years, she has taught in the preschool and lower primary department of the school.

Teaching for her is not just a career but has been her passion, as she enjoys the collaborative learning process that teaching brings and the platform that offers students to develop into independent thinkers who understand the purpose and value of their learning. She believes in learning with fun and developing students to be free and independent learners. She is a keen supporter of play-based learning. 

Nutan has a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA), Bachelor’s in Science (BSc) and a Bachelor’s in Education (BEd). She has lived in countries like Algeria, London, India and now Singapore for the last ten years. She enjoys spending time with her two sons and loves to sing and listen to music in her free time. Travelling is her passion.

Ms Micheline has completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) with honours from the University of Nottingham and a Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from London Teacher Training College. She is completing her Master’s in Education, focusing on Inclusion Support, through the University of Nottingham in the UK. As a full-time resource teacher, Ms Micheline joined EtonHouse three years ago and has taught in all classes from N2-Y6.  She has become a familiar and trustworthy face to the students at all levels.  She tries to build positive relationships with students and partnerships with families.

Ms Micheline enjoys working with students from different nationalities and learning from them. She considers herself a global citizen and greatly respects students’ diversity, strengths and different learning styles.  She has taught in countries such as the USA, Colombia, Malaysia and Singapore.  In her free time, Ms Micheline loves practising yoga, sports, and playing the piano. For her undergraduate degree, Ms Micheline graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Marketing Management and International Business.

Ms Swati holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a certification in Nursery teaching from India and a Graduate certificate in International Education from Melbourne University.  Ms Swati has been teaching for fifteen years, starting in various parts of India and then moving to Singapore in 2014, working with children from Early years to Primary. She has a passion for reading, writing and developing literacy skills in young children.

Ms Swati believes that it is important for educators to empower students with the skills to become confident, independent, curious and responsible for their learning. It is important to create a safe and warm environment, where each child will feel confident to explore, with play as an active part in their learning. In her words, “As a teacher, I believe that all teaching and learning approaches should support children to develop responsibility for their own learning and provide opportunities for lifelong learning. So active learning is embedded in my daily practice, where I encourage my students to work collaboratively with their peers.”

Ms Vinita, a Singaporean of Indian descent, comes with immense teaching experience and calls EtonHouse Broadrick her second home. She became a part of the EH community in 1997 for a year and continued since 2000 as an Early Years Educator. Ms Vinita has worked in all Preschool year levels over the last 24 years. She plays an important role in nurturing students and building a strong foundation while ensuring they can grow in a safe learning environment. She builds positive relationships with students and partnerships with families.

Ms Vinita along with her class teacher role has also previously held the portfolio of the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) supervisor and Kindergarten One coordinator. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Degree in Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education -Teaching and a Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education – Leadership.

For her continuous dedication, Ms Vinita was sent on a study trip to Reggio Emilia in 2017, where she learned about children’s rights, theories and organisations.

Ms Nadia is an experienced Teaching Assistant who has been with EtonHouse International School since September 2002 and has worked with children in N1-Y1. She holds a Diploma in Pre-school Education (Teaching). She has also previously conducted Holiday Programmes for children in her year level.

Ms Nadia has a passion for languages and the Performing Arts, especially dance. This was evident in her 2008 musical video production ‘A Dream Within A Dream’ which was based on the PYP Units Of Inquiry and in celebration of cultural diversity. She has also helped in the choreographies of other school productions and actively participated in many different cultural dances for school assemblies and events.

She believes children will be inclined to become an active learner when they are in a fun, engaging yet safe environment.

Ms Joanna Skalkoyanni is a British/Greek teacher who is now entering her fifth year with EtonHouse. She has taught in three different continents and across a range of ages from Reception to Year 3.

Joanna has a love for the inquiry-based approach and for developing children’s independence, problem-solving skills and creative thinking. Her passion and experience for the Reggio Emilia philosophy have complimented her teaching within the IB Primary Years Programme. Joanna strives for an environment that enables children to express themselves with confidence and ease. She strongly believes that children should be fully involved in their own learning and that nurturing children’s passions and interests allows them to be creative and supports them in making sense of how the world works. By engaging them in authentic experiences, the children develop a positive attitude toward learning, begin to set their own goals and build a growth mindset.

Having a combined education degree in Education and English Literature from Durham University, Joanna continues to enjoy travelling through the books she reads to exciting destinations that air travel cannot offer right now. She also enjoys cycling and trying delicious food.

Christopher was born in South Korea and raised in the United States. He has a background not only in education from University of Nottingham, but in music and creative writing from Berklee and University of British Columbia. Utilising his background knowledge, learning activities in Christopher’s lessons include singing to better understand phonics and language arts, as well as assignments that challenge learners to express their creative ideas and inquiries through various medium. Christopher particularly enjoys teaching Early Years and Lower Primary. To engage young learners, learning-through-play and collaborative tasks are often found in his lessons. Within these lessons, Christopher aims to offer children opportunities to think critically, expand their collaborative skills and agency, and to practice communicating their ideas clearly. As an international school teacher, Christopher has taught in the US, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

In addition to equipping young children the academic knowledge they need to succeed, Christopher aims to create a safe and respectful learning environment. He tries his best for his students to display a caring and open-minded attitude toward working with each other.

Ms Sun Yang graduated from LiaoNing Normal University with a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, followed by her undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Teaching foreigners Chinese. Ms Sun Yang has seven years of experience teaching the Chinese language in Singapore and many years of experience teaching the Chinese language in China.

In her most recent roles at Broadrick, she has been a part of the Bilingual program, teaching Mandarin through the Units of Inquiry and using this expertise to work in the Bilingual Immersion Year 1 class. 

She is a patient and responsible teacher and adopts different teaching methods to cater for the needs of different students in her class. As a teacher, her mission is to help children to become curious and passionate lifelong learners, and she hopes they will find as much joy in this journey of exploration as she does. “There is no limit in learning language” is her life’s motto. 

Miss Aoife Day, from a beautiful fishing village in the south of Ireland, is a dedicated and motivated Primary School Teacher with a passion for sport and music.

After graduating with an honours Bachelor of Education degree from Dublin City University, Aoife quickly became a permanent member of staff in a wonderful school in Dublin where she went on to start a girls’ basketball team and lead in preparing the children to perform in a school musical.

Aoife is also passionate about travelling and this led her to make the move to Abu Dhabi in 2021 where she has spent the past two years teaching in Year 3. This experience has been invaluable and was the perfect opportunity to apply her specialist knowledge in English as an Additional Language, which she majored in at university. Aoife also ran the Girls’ Netball and Football teams to victory during her time in the UAE.

Aoife is a passionate educator and believes in facilitating children to reach their full potential. She is very excited to bring her enthusiasm and broad experience to the team at EtonHouse Broadrick.

Aisling moved from Ireland to Hong Kong in 2018 and is now settling into her life in Singapore with her family. She is an enthusiastic, life long learner who is always looking for ways to grow and evolve, not only as an educator but as a person.

She completed her PGCE in Hong Kong in 2020 and began to work in an International school shortly afterwards. From her experience in Hong Kong, Aisling has been blown away with inquiry based teaching. She truly believes that every child needs to be involved in their own learning. In Aisling’s classroom, learners build new understandings, meanings and knowledge through their own questioning and research rather than simply being told information and expected to rote learn it. This gives individual meaning to learning.

She has been working with EtonHouse since 2022 and is excited about joining the EtonHouse Broadrick community.

Aisling enjoys running and practising yoga in her spare time.

Originally from South Wales, Miss Catrin Faulknall has over 8 years of teaching experience. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Performing, Film and Television in 2014, she then went on to complete her PGCE at Aberystwyth University in 2015. Before moving to Kuwait to teach in 2016, Miss Faulknall taught at a Secondary School in South Wales where she was asked to focus on teaching English, History and Business Studies to students completing their GCSEs. She has since been working in Kuwait in the Middle East. For the last 6 years, she has taught at Gulf British Academy and has experience teaching at the foundation level, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 6. 

Miss Faulknall has a true passion for ‘Growth Mindset’. She believes having a positive learning environment for her students is extremely important. She believes that students should be able to grow, learn and build their confidence as individuals in a safe and happy environment. One of her favourite sayings for the children is “I can’t do it… Yet!”

During her spare time, Miss Faulknall enjoys dancing. Whilst working in Kuwait, she was fortunate enough to teach her own classes for adults and children specialising in the style of commercial hip hop. She set up the Gulf British Dance Academy for students at her school and has since been preparing annual performances. She is extremely excited to join the EtonHouse team in August.

Ms Noraini Ali is a dedicated and enthusiastic educator with 20 years of teaching experience in local, private and international schools. She views that children are unique and have something special that they can bring to their own education.

She graduated from Wheelock College with a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching and Diploma in Early Childhood – Leadership from Asian International College.

Ms Noraini is also an active volunteer with a few organisations in Singapore. One of Mother Teresa’s quotes that inspires her reads, “It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.” Therefore she believes that Love is free, let’s spread it.

Besides travelling, she loves to cook for her beautiful family.

Mr Richard Tombs is a British teacher who is now entering his tenth year at EtonHouse. Previously he held positions within the EAL department and as the Physical Education teacher. 

Mr Richard graduated from Kent University, Canterbury with First Class Honours in Accounting and Financing before finding a passion for teaching. This culminated in acquiring a TEFL qualification to teach English in Colombia. This passion eventually led to completing a PGCE through the University of Nottingham.

Through his readings and teachings, Richard is a firm believer that every child is different in how they learn, so his teaching reflects this by offering a variety of ways for them to learn. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and participating in all sports, particularly football and athletics.

Ms Jillian hails from Glasgow, Scotland. Jillian graduated from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and truly enjoyed learning her craft and further developing her skill set over sixteen years, working in a variety of schools across Glasgow. For the past two years Jillian has been living and working in Singapore. She has been teaching at EtonHouse Thomson.

Jillian’s commitment to lifelong learning enables her to create engaging, relevant learning experiences that are challenging and responsive to the individual needs of the pupils in her care. She aspires to create a learning environment where her students are actively engaged in their learning and can apply critical thinking skills.  Jillian encourages the development of effective communication and reflection to empower her students to take risks and become successful learners and responsible global citizens. 

In her spare time, she enjoys keeping fit and healthy by participating in a range of fitness classes. Jillian likes to explore new places and expand her knowledge of different cultures.  She is thrilled to be joining the team at EtonHouse Broadrick and continuing her learning journey in Singapore. 

Ms Li Entong comes from a family of teachers in Shenyang, China. She received the Teacher’s Qualification Certificate on Chinese Language Subject, a legal reference granted by the state to those qualified for a teaching position in the year 2016. 

Entong holds an enduring passion for sharing Chinese language and culture, which sparked during her university years and guided her to become a full-time Mandarin trainer. She believes strongly in fostering a dynamic and interactive classroom environment that can adapt to the needs of students with different proficiencies and backgrounds. Entong joined EtonHouse Broadrick in 2018, teaching Mandarin lessons from Year 2 to Year 5, and Bilingual classes from Year 2 to Year 4. 

When not engaged in educating, Entong, an outgoing individual, enjoys exploring different aspects of her interests, enhancing her teaching techniques, and infusing her classrooms with the same spirit of exploration and growth.

Mrs Catherine Blowers is a passionate educator and holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree with Qualified Teaching Status (BA QTS Hons) from St Mary’s University College, University of Surrey. Her teaching career began in London, UK. Her teaching experience includes teaching Year 3, 4 and 5 students as a class teacher and English as a Second Language (Kindergarten 1 to Primary 6).

Since joining EtonHouse Broadrick in 2013, Mrs Blowers has taught in Year 3 and Year 4 classes and is passionate about bilingual education.

Mrs Catherine loves teaching and actively engages all the children in her class in interactive inquiry experiences with the ultimate goal of seeing them all be successful learners, inside and outside the classroom.

Ms Andrea Wing Kei Tsoi is originally from Hong Kong but spent her teenage years studying in Canada. She has a passion for words and started her teaching career teaching English and English literature across primary and secondary levels. More recently, she relocated to Singapore and worked as a PYP Homeroom Teacher and the Year 6 Leader at another international school.

Andrea aspires to create an engaging and inspiring learning environment where every student is seen and heard. She believes that every child is uniquely talented and she looks forward to helping students become open-minded global citizens.

Andrea holds a Master of Education degree in Developmental Psychology from the National Institute of Education of Singapore and a Postgraduate Diploma of Education from the University of Hong Kong.

Andrea is excited to become a member of the EtonHouse Broadrick learning community. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Ms Pridhee Gupta is a dedicated educator and strives to motivate students to become independent and lifelong learners. She holds a Bachelors’s and Masters’s degree in Technology (Specialising in Biotechnology). She completed her Ph.D in Molecular Biology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany and holds a Postgraduate Certification in Education (PGCE) from the University of Sunderland, UK. Before teaching in Singapore, she taught at universities in Germany and Australia. She has been teaching at EtonHouse since 2015 and has been involved in teaching K1, Year 2 and Year 3 classes. 

Ms Pridhee believes in creating a positive learning and fun environment where students are encouraged to think, share and have a growth mindset. Her openness to understanding students’ developmental, emotional and educational needs helps her build positive relationships with the students. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family and friends, practice yoga, travel, read and is passionate about writing and publishing picture books in Indian languages.

A strong, passionate classroom teacher, Ms Kristy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from The University of Notre Dame, Sydney, Australia.  She has taught across K-6 grades in elementary schools in Australia and Singapore. With a genuine love of teaching and learning, she brings a broad range of educational knowledge and expertise, with a particular focus and interest in teaching in the early years. 

Ms Kristy’s teaching style focuses on student-centred learning. She makes it a priority to build positive, trusting relationships with and amongst her students and fosters a classroom culture of high student engagement and reflective learning that consistently aims to move student learning forward. Ms Kristy has a strong background in differentiated, inquiry-based learning, promoting creative and critical thinking amongst her learners.

Ms Kristy is an avid lover of the great outdoors. In her spare time, she can be found swimming, hiking, diving, playing netball, eating yummy food and exploring all of Singapore’s hidden gems.

Ms Yuri (Bai He Laoshi) is trilingual in Chinese, Japanese and English. She was born in China and grew up both in China and Japan. She holds a degree in Linguistics from the Chinese Department at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan (2012). She also has been awarded the internationally recognised Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages from Hanban (Chinese Council for the Promotion of Chinese Language), Singapore (2016). 

As a passionate educator, Yuri has several years of experience in teaching Chinese to Japanese students in Japan and also international students in Singapore. She always strives to deliver high-quality education to help her students understand different values that will help them develop their characters, personalities, and life-long skills. She believes every child has a gift for language learning and works to bring out that gift in children, so they realise their potential through learning a foreign language. She works to create an optimum learning environment that will allow the children to develop academically, physically and mentally.

Ms Rashmi Aggarwal is an immensely experienced teacher who brings her vast experience, passion and dedication to her class community. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political   Science (Hons) and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Delhi, India. She also has a Teaching English to Young Learners qualification from the British Council, Singapore.

‘I had previously taught English as an Additional Language on the Broadrick campus between 2002 and 2005. In 2011, I returned to Broadrick after I returned from teaching at the New International School of Thailand and Harrow International School, Bangkok, Thailand.’

‘My pedagogical philosophy centres on the belief that children bring a wealth of prior knowledge. Thus, they learn best when they get the opportunity to experience things and make connections with their existing knowledge. Providing a fun-filled learning environment is central to my role as a teacher.’

Jack Reid is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher with a passion for education from Ireland. He received his Bachelor of Education degree from Dublin City University in 2017 and has been teaching for six years. Having spent 5 years teaching in Ireland, Jack moved to Singapore last year and has been teaching at EtonHouse Orchard since he arrived. Jack is a firm believer in the power of education to transform lives and is committed to helping his students achieve their full potential.

One of Jack’s core professional beliefs is that every student deserves to be treated as an individual, with their own unique strengths and challenges. He strives to create a learning environment that is inclusive, supportive, and empowering, where all students feel valued and encouraged to take risks and grow.

In his free time, Jack is a keen sportsman and has played a variety of sports, including the Irish Sport Gaelic football. He believes that sport can be a powerful tool for building teamwork, leadership, and resilience, and enjoys sharing this philosophy with his students.

Ms Shenaz holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree (with specialisation in education) and a post-graduate Teachers Training Certificate from Loreto College in Calcutta, India. She is a trained Concept-based and a Reggio Emilia Approach teacher. 

Ms Shenaz comes with 25 years of experience in education, including those at EtonHouse Broadrick where she has taught EAL, Year 2 and Year 3 and Year 5 – mainstream and bilingual classes. She is an experienced IBPYP educator and brings with her strong practices in the Reggio Emilia approach and all the skills of a dedicated classroom practitioner, enabling her to establish the desire for learning excellence amongst her students. Ms Shenaz has also been the teacher facilitator for the Student Representative Council and has held departmental and year-level coordinator roles during her time at Broadrick.

Ms Shenaz’s teaching career has focused on empowering young minds to inquire, think and learn while providing the guidance and pastoral care they need. She is passionate about educating young minds, triggering their natural curiosity and helping them blossom into internationally minded citizens of the world.

Mr Ioan Davies is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher from Wales. Experiences, opportunities, development, fun and celebrations; are some of the elements that drive Ioan as an educator. Previously he was a Deputy Head Teacher for four years in a large primary school. He has ten years of experience teaching a range of upper junior school children.

He sought a new opportunity to further-broadening his experience in cultural diversity, innovation and enriched dynamics that Singapore has to offer. Once a thought and now a long-desired career path, working in EtonHouse is the epiphany in pursuing his aspirations and commitment to the role. Ioan counts himself as a team player, a fair, empathetic figure committed to ensuring fluidity and success within an educational environment. 

Ioan studied Primary Education at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Whilst studying he played the violin as a member of The National Orchestra of Wales for five years. In his spare time, Ioan loves listening to music, photography and being outdoors. He enjoys attending the gym and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Mr Thomas Hughes is a British teacher who has 10 years of primary school experience in The Midlands, England.  Previously, he held positions on the senior leadership team where his responsibilities covered the upper key stage. He looks for new initiatives across the world of education and deploys current thinking where it enhances the personality of the school he is teaching at.  He has coached a number of different sports including tag rugby, cricket and soccer.  

Mr Hughes graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with First Class Honours in Primary Education.  He has a passion for making learning fun.  He creates an environment where every child feels special and part of a wider community: being prepared to take risks in a nurturing and inclusive environment.  

His move to Singapore has enhanced his extensive experience by giving him the skills to teach the IB Primary Years Programme and value a conceptual, inquiry and creative approach to learning in this global setting.  

In his spare time, he enjoys experiencing the natural world and also catching up with the football results.

Ms Niru Raghuram is an enthusiastic PYP educator who believes that inquiry-based teaching and learning engages active thinking in students, encouraging them to make connections between their own experiences and the wider world. 

Ms Niru holds a Master’s degree in Education, a Bachelor’s in Science and several leadership certifications. She is now entering her fifteenth year at Broadrick. Niru has been Upper Primary Leader and Year Coordinator for several years. As leader, school improvement plans and cross-campus collaboration were of great interest to her.  She has been involved in various aspects of the group’s curriculum alignment across its primary schools. 

Niru has completed several online volunteering assignments on the United Nations Online Volunteers (UNV) programme. She loves her mindfulness moments of mixed media painting and yoga as much as she enjoys the thrills of hiking, sky-diving and trekking to the Everest Base Camp. Her favourite quote is – “You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way.” – Dr. Suess

Ms Lou Min completed her Master of Chinese Studies at the National University of Singapore in 2016. Her first degree was Teaching Chinese as a Second Language from Beijing International Studies University. With teaching experience in China and Singapore, she is familiar with various methodologies for improving children’s Chinese language proficiency through fun, activity-based lessons.  She is a caring and passionate person who desires to help every child develop to their fullest academically and socially in the connected world today. She also aims to build a caring and inspiring language learning environment where children take the initiative to think and explore. Having been working in EtonHouse International School since 2019, she strongly feels the warmth of the EtonHouse community and the joy of teaching children Chinese. 

Outside school hours, Lou Min enjoys cooking international cuisine, reading a wide variety of books, and exploring nature parks and reservoirs in Singapore.

Mr Paul Murray is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher from England. He has over 11 years experience in education across a range of roles, age groups and countries. He focuses on student-centred learning and believes children  learn best in a fun, community environment, where they are encouraged to take risks, be critical and inquisitive.

After graduating, Paul started his teaching career in Vietnam, where he taught English as an Additional Language to primary students. His love of Asia and education then took him to Malaysia, where he held the positions of Teacher Development Coordinator and then Director of Studies. These positions allowed him to develop as a teacher trainer and mentor, something he remains passionate about.

Now settled in Singapore, Paul has taught across the upper-primary years as a homeroom teacher. This is his third year with EtonHouse Broadrick where he has grown and developed as a teacher.

Paul graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a First-Class BA Honours in Criminology and Psychology and completed a PGCE in Primary teaching at the University of Sunderland.

Ms Pallavi Chakrabarti holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Mumbai, Diploma in Teaching from Singapore Polytechnic as well as a Diploma in Learning Support for Specific Learning Difficulties. She is also certified in “Orton Gillingham Approach to Teaching Phonics” to children with Dyslexia.

She has lived and worked in four countries in Asia and Africa and is well-versed in multiple Asian Languages as well as in English. During her Master’s studies, Pallavi gained varied experience in counselling people from various socio-economic backgrounds & age-groups, especially children. Pallavi has been working intensively with children with learning needs for more than eight years and this is her sixth year in EtonHouse, Broadrick. In EtonHouse, Pallavi is the Inclusive Education Coordinator as well as the Child Protection and Welfare Coordinator.

Ms Pallavi strongly believes that ‘if children can’t learn the way we teach, maybe, we should teach the way they learn.’ She enjoys working with diverse learners, and whilst engaged with them believes her journey of learning continues every day.

Ms Linda grew up attending international schools in Singapore and then ventured overseas to pursue her Bachelors in Social Sciences majoring in Psychology. She has been providing customised intervention and support for children with special rights and learning differences for over 14 years, in the areas of academic, socio-emotional and sensory based needs.

Ms Linda spent 4 years providing sensory integrated programmes for children aged 3 – 16 years of age and 5 years as a learning support specialist in a preschool prior to joining the Eton Group. Respectful of each child’s individuality, Ms Linda draws on her experience and expertise to support each student to learn in their own unique way.

As an Inclusion Education teacher, she endeavours to ensure the students’ needs are met and their current learning environment is a safe space in which they can thrive.

Ms Mona Bhandari is an experienced teacher who has taught at a variety of levels, ranging from early childhood to middle school, in both Singapore and the UK. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree and a post-graduate Teachers Training Certificate. She also has a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate and a certificate in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL).  

Ms Mona has been an English Acquisition teacher and Coordinator at EtonHouse since 2013. In addition to regular classroom teaching, she has also been actively involved in EAL curriculum development at EtonHouse and other schools she worked at. Her love for children helped her choose her career. She believes that children can learn and thrive in an environment that is stimulating, comforting and appropriate to their abilities.

Mr Carl believes students thrive when provided with a comfortable and encouraging environment that promotes passion and a motivation to learn. He sets up his classroom to allow students to develop their English skills through authentic communication and collaboration. His teaching experience includes seven years of teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL) here in Singapore. Mr Carl has also taught EAL in South Korea, Thailand and Peru. Outside of EAL, he has experience teaching literacy and test preparation and has also spent time coaching golf. He graduated from Missouri State University with a Degree in Marketing and spent a year in the medical industry before finding his passion for teaching. He holds a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Adults) from the University of Cambridge and a TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate) from Trinity College.

Mike has been teaching English to a wide range of students in Singapore since 2015, from two-year-olds to retired learners. He began as a reading specialist for kindergarten and primary school aged children, and his most recent role before joining EtonHouse was teaching Academic English at a university. He holds a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Adults) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Technology.

Mike believes it is important for learners to have a strong and friendly relationship with their teacher, and he makes sure that his classroom is an environment where they feel comfortable to make mistakes as they improve.

He plays football each weekend for a local team, and his main interest is music. As a pianist and guitarist (and sometimes singer), his 80s inspired band has played many gigs in Singapore’s Boat Quay and Clarke Quay venues.

Ms Archana Birla graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Delhi. She holds a certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education from SEEDS Institute, Singapore. She also has a certificate in Infant and Toddler Care and Development from Kinderland, Singapore. She has undergone training in Communication and Managing Behaviour of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder from the Rainbow Centre, Singapore.

Her 24 years of experience in teaching and caring for children are a testament to her passion and fervour in nurturing a child’s growth and intellect. Ever since 1997, she has devoted her time to teaching in Singapore. She joined EtonHouse International School (Broadrick) in 2002 as an In-house Resource Teacher. This role has allowed her to work with children of varying ages in diverse roles across the school. 

Ms Archana believes in encouraging independence and fostering self-confidence in children. She believes these traits build character and strength of mind in young children, allowing them to become critical thinkers as well as resilient individuals.

Ms Abhilasha Mani has a track record of teaching children of all ages, from kindergarten to primary. She is a self-directed and action-oriented professional educator with 15+ years of experience. Teaching is her passion, and she has extensive experience working in both Singapore’s local and international schools.     

Equipped with Montessori training and a Master of Arts in Education Studies from Bangor University (UK), she has fortified her educational foundations. She has also completed numerous certifications to fine-tune her soft skills. 

She is a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners. She works continuously to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students. She has excellent interpersonal skills to foster meaningful relationships with students, staff and parents.

During her leisure hours, she finds joy in cooking, browsing the internet, travelling, shopping, watching movies, and engaging with people who share her interests. Interestingly, you might even discover her busier during her free time!

Ms Amy Walter is a British teacher with over ten years experience working for EtonHouse. She studied teaching at the University of Cambridge and specialised in Primary Education. 

Amy has taught in many countries, including England, Finland, USA, Ghana, Tanzania, South Korea, and Singapore. Amy wants to equip children with the skills to solve problems independently. She is passionate about building confidence and communication skills. 

As an illustrator, Amy has worked with local and international charities, organisations and brands to create artworks or work on murals, including the Ministry of Manpower, the National Library Board, Central Singapore Community Development Council, Beyond Social Services, and the Public Utilities Board. 

Amy has exhibited her artwork publicly in group exhibitions at Ion Art Gallery and on Orchard Road. She has received an award for her artwork from the Mayor of Central Singapore. Amy has studied art courses at Lasalle, NAFA, Syn Studio, The Royal Drawing School, and University of the Arts London.

Prachita Goel is an inspiring art teacher with a passion for creativity and education. Born and raised in a India, Prachita developed an early interest in art and always followed her dreams. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and mass communication from a prestigious university. Her enthusiasm for teaching led her to pursue a teaching courses from Cambridge and portraits drawing courses from NAFA Singapore.

She has also mentored SCSA from last two years and Singapore international art competition 2023 for her students.Prachita is an exceptional art teacher who possesses a unique ability to ignite creativity and passion in her students. With her enthusiasm and vast knowledge of art, she creates an engaging and inspiring learning environment. Prachita’s ability to provide constructive feedback and guidance fosters growth and confidence in her students. Through her innovative teaching methods and unwavering support. With her unique blend of creativity and humour, she’s mastered the art of turning a classroom into a canvas of laughter. Art class has never been so pun-tastic!

Jasmine Wong, a passionate lover of the arts, brings with her fourteen years of public and private school teaching and over ten years of private piano, voice, and music theory teaching experience. Having completed Grade 10 Classical Piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada), Jasmine has been performing and competing on stage since a young age. She holds a B.F.A. (Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts) and a B. Ed. (Bachelor’s Degree in Education) from two Canadian Universities.

In the music room, Jasmine creates a warm environment where students feel comfortable expressing who they are through music; whether it is a student-created performance or a song cover. Jasmine finds joy in watching students grow in creativity and application. Student initiated performances are celebrated in the music class, school assemblies, school concerts, and other events.

Having been in Singapore for almost ten years, serving the Singapore community is another passion of hers. Jasmine has provided opportunities for student performers to share their love of music with hospitals, hospices, elder-care centres, and children’s charity events.

Mr Rhys Tomos is a teacher from Wales who has experience of teaching in the Primary and Secondary sector. He graduated from Cardiff University with a BA in Music and then completed an MA in Music, also at Cardiff University. In 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 he was awarded the Paul Francis Award for outstanding performance on the Tuba by Cardiff University. After completing his Masters he spent a year as an International Teaching Associate at Bowen Secondary School, Singapore, following which he worked for 18 months as a Youth Worker with the Welsh youth foundation, Urdd Gobaith Cymru. During this time he coordinated drama clubs, sporting activities and musical performances in numerous primary schools.

Rhys is a firm believer that performing and expressive arts are crucial to the learner’s holistic development, enriching their skills and capabilities across a range of disciplines. During his time as a teacher at Ysgol Glantaf, Cardiff (Secondary) and Ysgol Llanllyfni (Primary) he was able to put these principles successfully into practice.

During his spare time Rhys enjoys mountain running, playing football and developing the range of musical instruments he can play.

Mark is an Irish PE teacher with over 6 years teaching experience. He has a Bachelor of Education from DCU with a Physical Education major. Mark is an energetic, enthusiastic teacher who values a holistic, integrative approach and aims to provide an environment where all students can experience achievement, regardless of ability. Mark has experience teaching in Ireland and in the UAE. Mark comes from a sporting background and enjoys playing football and rugby. He has also gained a wealth of experience in coaching during his career thus far, coaching sports teams in basketball, football, and athletics from ages 8 – 16. Mark has completed a level 1 football coaching course and basketball introductory refereeing course. Mark is organised and adaptable in his approach to teaching. He values integration and aims to make his lessons interactive, inquisitive and to provide children opportunities to learn and improve in multiple areas during each lesson.

Ms Keira Collins holds a First Class Honours in Childhood Education from the University of Wales, Swansea and an Advanced Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip Adv) in Education from the University of Birmingham, England. Ms Keira has a strong background in positive approaches to teaching and learning and connecting positively with the whole school community. She is currently completing her PG Diploma in Play Therapy, raising children’s emotional resilience and confidence. 

Ms Keira Collins is from Wales, UK.  She has taught for over 12 years in Singapore, China and UK across the Primary age range.  She strives to create a motivating learning environment and is passionate about helping students to be well-balanced to take responsibility for and lead their own healthy lifestyles. 

As a certified children’s yoga teacher and Forest School Leader, Ms Keira works outdoors with children to support them in developing a love for Personal, Social and Physical Education (PSPE).  She supports learners in an outdoor setting offering them plenty of opportunity for developing their identity, interactions and problem solving. Ms Keira enjoys travelling and can often be found hiking or running around the mountain trails of S.E Asia. 

Ms Eri Kokubo holds a Bachelor of Education from Aichi University of Education, Japan. She has 6 years of experience in education. In Japan, she worked for an international school inspired by Reggio Emilia approach. She did a lot of training related to child psychology, emergent curriculum, and emotion coaching. She moved to Singapore in 2021, where she worked for a Japanese-English bilingual preschool. She is also a qualified teacher, licensed by the Ministry of Education, Aichi, Japan.

Ms. Eri is a passionate teacher and respects all of her students in her class. It is important for her to create the environment that her students enjoy the class and they are willing to communicate and give their opinions without their worry of making mistakes. She tries to understand each student’s learning needs and find what is the most effective way to improve their Japanese skills with fun activities.

She plays the trumpet and piano, and enjoys music, especially Jazz. She also likes travelling to experience new cultures.

Ms Emi is from Kanagawa, Japan. She has worked as a teacher in Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia and China and she has experience teaching at international schools in Japan and China. After living in different countries, she found that it is interesting and exciting to explore new places and to learn about their languages and culture. 

Her passion is in education, because she loves supporting children to gain independence and to build on their confidence. Her experience working at a bilingual international school in Japan has given her a perspective on both Japanese as a native language and Japanese as a language acquisition. This allows her to better understand and support students’ language backgrounds. She is also in her 7th year as a language teacher in IB education and is well versed in teaching a wide range of age groups through PYP, MYP and DP.

Her hobbies are yoga and sports activities. She also loves travelling and cooking. Her favourite cuisine is Japanese food.  She is very honored to be part of a school with such a long-established tradition. She is very much looking forward to working with the students, teachers and community members of the EtonHouse Group.

Ms Priyanka is an enthusiastic teacher who believes in a hands-on approach towards teaching and learning. She holds a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Education from the University of Delhi, India. Ms Priyanka joined EtonHouse International School in 2012. Her compassionate and caring nature allows her to build rapport readily with children from different year levels. She also encourages students to be independent thinkers and help them develop their self-confidence. 

Ms Priyanka has taught at the primary and pre-school levels both in her home country as well as in Singapore. In addition to regular classroom teaching, she has been actively involved in conducting extra-curricular activities for different age groups. Her pedagogical philosophy is that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Ms Priyanka strives to create an environment for learning that encourages her students to be problem solvers and lifelong learners.

Ms Joanne is originally from the UK and has over 14 years’ teaching experience in schools in the UK, the Caribbean and Singapore. Joanne holds a First Class Honours Bachelor of Education Degree from Cardiff University in Wales and a Postgraduate Certification in Education (PGCE) from the University of Southampton in England. Joanne is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Teacher Librarianship from Charles Sturt University, Australia.

Joanne joined EtonHouse Broadrick in August 2019 as a Year 3 teacher. In August 2021 she was appointed the school’s Teacher Librarian. Joanne is passionate about children’s literature and is a self-confessed bookworm! She brings this enthusiasm to every library lesson, aiming to inspire a true love of literature and an inquiring mind in each of the students she has the honour of teaching. When Joanne is not in the school library you will most likely find her walking her labradoodle Teddy at East Coast Park with her two sons and husband; swimming; practising yoga; or with her nose buried in a book whilst drinking tea!

Ms Vibha Sheth is an accomplished educator with a strong background in technology and a passion for promoting educational excellence. She holds a Master’s degree in Education with a specialisation in IB, along with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. As a trained IB PYP Teacher and certified ISTE Technology Educator, Ms Vibha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as an ICT Specialist Teacher-Coordinator at EtonHouse.

With over 21 years of teaching experience, Ms Vibha has taught students across various age groups, from early childhood to primary school. She has also taught Hindi as a second language at EtonHouse Recognising the importance of student leadership and peer support, she has successfully implemented the student tech influencer programme, empowering students to take on leadership roles and assist their peers in embracing technology.

Ms Vibha is deeply committed to leveraging technology effectively in education. She actively seeks out new opportunities to equip both teachers and students with the necessary skills to seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom. Additionally, Ms Vibha actively integrates the latest neuroscience research into her teaching to optimise instructional strategies and create more effective as well as engaging learning environments for her students.

Throughout her career, Ms Vibha has prioritised creating positive learning experiences that empower her students to expand their conceptual understanding, skills, and knowledge.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Ms Vibha is a strong advocate of a balanced lifestyle and she projects the same through her fitness and personal development regime.

Marcus Wetherell is originally from the UK. Starting his teaching career in England in 2005, since 2008 Marcus has taught in International Baccalaureate schools in Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Originally a secondary and high school teacher, Marcus has extensive experience across the IB continuum of PYP, MYP, and DP. He has previously worked as a Head of Year, Head of Department, ICT Coordinator, and Digital Coach.

Marcus has a passion for helping students and teachers unlock their full potential for creativity and learning through inquiry. He was recognised as a Google Certified Innovator in 2014 and an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2015. Marcus is also certified as an Apple Foundations Trainer and was previously certified as a Google Education Trainer. His personal interests include spending time with his family, film, video games, and technology. He is surprisingly tall.

Ms Cynthia Yao Qi graduated from James Cook University Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2019.  Cynthia has experience with children aged two to eight at both local and international schools. She focuses on learning about the early childhood curricula and pedagogy, and particularly enjoys integrating digital technologies into classrooms.

Cynthia joined EtonHouse after graduation from James Cook University Singapore in 2019. She started working with the preschool team at EtonHouse Broadrick and has experience working with children from Nursery 2 to Year 1. 

Cynthia brings patience and joy to the classroom. She is passionate about helping children learn and grow and is skilled in supporting children’s inquiries using multimodal language acquisition in English and Mandarin. Cynthia strongly believes each child is unique and advocates for a student-centred approach to learning where children are agents of their own learning. In her free time, Cynthia enjoys dancing and roller skating in her neighbourhood.

Ms Zhao Beiyan is a passionate educator with a degree in Education – Teaching (Chinese) and has worked in pre-school and primary school education sectors both locally and in China since 1986. She joined EtonHouse International School in 2001. 

As the Group Director of the Mandarin department, she oversees the Mandarin department operations across all EtonHouse campuses. With strong passion to learn, she always sets goals in educational and personal improvement, encouraging Mandarin teachers to participate actively in professional training and to learn from each other, and to constantly upgrade their professional skills to develop an educational atmosphere where students have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. She believes in creating a child-centred learning environment and providing students with opportunities to engage in learning within meaningful contexts through purposeful inquiry. 

Ms Zhao Beiyan also believes that the foundation for lifelong learning is built through progressive conceptual development together with an enjoyment of the learning process.

Ms Cui Shuang graduated from Shenyang Normal University with a Master’s degree of Arts. Prior to working at EtonHouse, she has also taught in China, South Korea and Singapore. In total, Cui Shuang has 10 years of teaching experience, she has taught almost every level, from nursery to secondary, and also holds the certificate of high school teacher’s qualification in China. She is a positive, patient and caring individual that loves reading and exercising during her free time. 

Cui Shuang strongly believes that learning a foreign language is much more than using different-sounding words to express our thoughts – it means learning a different way of thinking that allows us to explore new aspects of ourselves and the world. As a teacher, her mission is to help others to become curious and passionate lifelong learners, and she hopes students will find as much joy in this journey of exploration as she does.

Ms Liu Yutong is a Mandarin teacher who has 8 years of teaching experience in China, South Korea and Singapore since 2015. She graduated from Shenyang Normal University with a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese Language to speakers of other languages. She has extensive experience in Mandarin teaching and is good at helping students achieve their curriculum goals and providing them with a broader understanding of this art form.

She understands all levels of Chinese and is happy to incorporate “fun-learning” into regular lessons. She is committed to helping students learn through traditional and modern methods. As a teacher, she thinks she’s mission is to help the students to become lifelong learners, full of curiosity and enthusiasm, she hopes that they can in this exploration journey to find as much happiness with her. She looks forward to building an exciting curriculum that will help students excel in Mandarin and become creative thinkers that will help make our world a better place.

Ms Wang achieved a Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education in Singapore. She teaches Mandarin as a foreign language to N2/K1 Pre-Bilingual /Y1 and Y2 students. Ms Wang is a professional choreographer who graduated from Shenyang Art Academy and holds a teaching qualification in ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD, UK) and a ballet certificate from the Commonwealth Society of Teachers’ Dancing in Dance (CBTS, Aus) as well. She has been teaching Chinese Dance at Etonhouse Broadrick since 2013. Before that, she spent four years teaching Chinese Dance at the Beijing Art Academy and ShenYang Art Academy. 

In teaching Chinese, she focuses more on organising various forms of interesting class activities, such as songs, dances, role plays, and games, to help students improve their listening and speaking skills. As a Mandarin teacher, she is good at constantly discovering and summarising in her teaching. She believes that the best way to teach Chinese is to start with students, enthusiasm and initiative so that students are more likely to achieve good results.

Panzhi holds a degree in Education Management and Primary Education from Hunan Normal University, China. She also holds the Teacher’s Qualification Certificate of primary and secondary school in China. Since joining the teaching profession in 2011, she has built up rich experiences in teaching Chinese and techniques in classroom management. A patient, responsible and self-motivated educator, Panzhi is strong in communications with both students and parents, and is passionate about inspiring students to develop interest in their learning. Deeply convinced about the efficacy of edutainment, she fosters friendship with students to teach them Mandarin, and share with them Chinese culture, so that students are learning through playing concurrently.

Panzhi is also zealous about volunteering, and since 2012 she has made various trips to economically strapped regions in China to educate impoverished students.

Panzhi believes strongly that true education stems from love. She loves kids and enjoys working and growing with diverse learners everyday. Outside of work, Panzhi is fond of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain climbing and diving.

Li Dian graduated from National Institute of Education with a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese As an International Language. She also got the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and is attending online training in PYP teaching at the University of Windsor.

Before joining EtonHouse, Li Dian had more than six years Chinese language teaching experience in Singapore and China. During the past few years, she has shown passion and ability in sharing the Chinese language and culture with her students. She always makes learning Chinese fun and interesting and is able to tailor her lesson by using different teaching methods to match each student’s unique character. She is good at drawing out students’ potential as well as encouraging students’ critical thinking.

Li Dian believes that the aim of education should focus on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside.

Ms Lu Yongli completed her master degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language in Nanyang Technological University, her very first degree was English which helped her build up great perception in bilingual and intercultural environment. With 6 years of mandarin teaching experience in Singapore, she has taught almost all language levels with students aged from 5-18 years old. Before joining EtonHouse, she worked as Mandarin Teacher in a British International School and most recently she was teaching primary students.

During her spare time, Ms Lu likes reading and travelling, she also enjoys volunteering in different Chinese Learning Programmes to help those students who are in need.

She believes every child is unique and gifted, in her class, students will be taught in a way specially designed according to their interests and needs. She loves to encourage them with patience and let students experience a bright and pleasant learning journey.

For the complete list of EIS CPE registered teachers, please click here.


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