Early Years

The first EtonHouse school started here on this campus in 1995. It is here that this unique approach and pedagogy came to life, advocating for children’s learning through inquiry, exploration and joyful experiences. With our first graduates now in the workforce, we continue to embrace and nurture this pedagogy. 

Programme Highlights

  • Catering to students from Nursery 2* (age 3) and up
  • IB Primary Years Programme with a strong focus on conceptual inquiry that is transdisciplinary
  • Following the developmental stages of the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage, our highly qualified educators design differentiated experiences to support the individual needs of each learner
  • Our new Early Years Centre offers our youngest learners their own age-appropriate play space that seamlessly connects with their indoor and outdoor learning
  • The Early Years Garden and classrooms are set up with Reggio Emilia-inspired provocations, facilitating the image of the child through the hundred languages of children
  • Children access exciting Specialists lessons in PE, Art, Music, Drama, Library
  • Children learn Mandarin as a second language from Nursery 1. They could then choose to progress as multi-language learners, opting for either Japanese or Hindi from Kindergarten 1 or taking the Bilingual Immersion pathway from Year 1

Our Pre-school Programme

The EtonHouse Broadrick Pre-school curriculum brings together best practices to engage curious young minds to play, explore, learn and laugh in a safe and happy environment. Play is serious business in our pre-school because it is through play that we instil in your child the positive attitudes essential for learning, and build their social, self-management, research, thinking and communication skills. We value your child for who they are as a competent learner, and this translates to a warm diverse environment where collaborative learning, curiosity and creativity are bound to thrive!

Play – a multi-sensory experience

Inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach, we intentionally design the environment to offer rich opportunities for multi-sensory play – essential for your child in their early years. Our young learners are often found deeply engaged in exploring natural materials including sand, water, pebbles, leaves, shells and tree barks along with a variety of other materials including paints, clay, light tables, fabric, blocks, magnetic toys, puppets, books, writing and art equipment, scientific and mathematical toys.

Developing social skills through mixed peer interaction

Your child will have the opportunity to play and interact with varying age groups and be supported by their older peers in the playgrounds as well as classroom inquiries. This is the vibrant and supportive nature of the community at EtonHouse Broadrick. Whether it is ensuring the safety of our pre-schoolers or bringing in tadpoles from the field for classroom inquiries, the primary school students play a big role in nurturing and role-modeling for our young inquirers!

An engaging and enriching curriculum

Over the year, our pre-schoolers engage in four or six units of inquiry that are conceptually rich and transdisciplinary. These inquiries cover the disciplines of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Personal, Social and Physical Education, providing authentic and relevant context for our young learners.

Through our balanced curriculum, we offer myriad opportunities for our children to read, write, count, measure, experiment, express and create.

One of our true strengths lies in our language lessons – Mandarin, Hindi, Japanese and English as an Additional Language. Conducted for half an hour, five times a week, our classes provide our children with a rich context for language learning while giving them the opportunity to explore different cultures through the lenses of the language. In the process, they develop a sense of international mindedness.

The exciting Specialists lessons – PE, Art, Music, Library, ICT – aim to support the classroom inquiries and ensure a well-rounded, holistic development for our children.

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