International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)

The EtonHouse Primary Programme at Orchard is designed for students between the ages of 5 to 11 years. It is an integrated, transdisciplinary curriculum which focuses on the development of the whole child – it encompasses social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic welfare.

Our bespoke Primary Scope and Sequence is designed to ensure a smooth progression to IGCSE and International A-Levels in Secondary and High School. The learning objectives for English, Mathematics and Science are aligned to the Cambridge Primary Curriculum and enhanced by including aspects from other globally recognised curricula to ensure an academically rigorous curriculum.

Through our programme we aim to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. We believe our programme encourages students across the world to be active and compassionate lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

The curriculum is organised around transdisciplinary units of inquiry integrating the learning areas of:

  • Language (English)
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Arts (Visual and Creative)
  • Science and Social Studies
  • Additional Languages (English, Mandarin, Japanese)

Students explore traditional subject areas through integrated units of inquiry, organised around six transdisciplinary themes that provide the framework for the exploration of knowledge. Through the inquiry-based approach students develop an understanding of important concepts, acquire essential skills and knowledge, develop particular attitudes and learn to take socially responsible action.

By engaging in inquiry-based units throughout the year, students continue developing the attributes of the IB learner profile:

  • Inquirers
  • Communicators
  • Thinkers
  • Courageous
  • Knowledgeable
  • Principled
  • Caring
  • Open-minded
  • Balanced
  • Reflective

In Year 1 students explore four units of inquiry,  Year 2 – 6 explore six units of inquiry per year around the following transdisciplinary themes.

  • Who we are
  • Where we are in place and time
  • How we express ourselves
  • How the world works
  • How we organise ourselves
  • Sharing the planet

Specific information about each unit, such as the Central Idea, direction of the inquiry, learning content and specific outcomes, and the strategies/skills that will be emphasised are included in the curriculum maps. A copy of the school’s ‘Programme of Inquiry’ can be obtained from the Coordinator.


Students are supported in their curriculum studies through access to classroom computers and iPads, the school’s Makerspace, and the Bring Your Own Device programme in place from Year 5 and upward. The school has access to the company’s team of IT technicians for support.


The school offers classes in the following languages for all students: Mandarin, Japanese and English as an Additional Language.


Students participate in a range of weekly specialist activities in areas such as music, art and physical education (PE). They have Design & Technology lessons, building up the skills necessary to create and prototype their own products. They also have access to the library and borrow books on a weekly basis. 

For the list of EIS CPE permitted courses, please click here.


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