Afternoon Mandarin Programme

(Nursery 2 – Kindergarten 2)

As we build on the children’s competencies and innate curiosity in the world around them, we continue to develop the children’s interest & foundation in the Mandarin Language through the afternoon program. Our long term goal is to work towards a significant improvement in the acquisition and usage of the Mandarin language not just with the Mandarin Teacher but also in our children’s daily conversations amongst themselves.

The afternoon program is committed to a further emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Work samples and observations by the Mandarin Teachers will become a focal point for sharing, discussing and reflecting with parents to work in partnership and to support the child’s progression in school.

Portfolios containing ongoing observations of our children’s learnings and progress are maintained throughout the school year. These portfolios are shared with the family during the sharing sessions between the staff, parents and children that are held twice a year and create opportunities for rich dialogue between parents and teachers. Also, families are invited to attend the Parent-Teacher Conferences and receive a written progress report at the end of the year

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