Application Procedure

If you are keen to register for the waitlist, please complete the waitlist form as well as the 4-page registration forms. The reservation fee amounts to $600 (excluding GST). Upon completion of the registration form, please email it to [email protected] and our Parent Liaison team will be in touch with you.

Documents required

On enrolment, please submit the following forms/documents to the admissions office:
(Forms in items 3 to 6 are available from the admissions office)

  1. Singaporeans/PRs – I/Cs of parents & child’s birth certificates (copies – front & back)
    Child of PR – Copy of re-entry permit (stamp on passport) required.
    Expatriates – Employment / Dependent Passes of Parents & Child (copies – front & back)
  2. Immunization record (Copy)
  3. Registration form + 2 passport-sized photographs
  4. Transport Request Form (if required)
  5. ECDA Forms
  6. EtonHouse Forms
Do take note of the following terms and conditions:

1.        The Waitlist application process will be deemed completed when (i) the parent submits the completed and signed Waitlist Form and (ii) the parent pays the full Waitlist Fee.

2.        Within the six (06) month period of being on the Waitlist,
           2.1.        If a place is offered to the child and the parent completes the Registration process and make the necessary payments as advised by the Parent Liaison Officer within one (01) week,
                         2.1.1.        The Waitlist Fee will be converted to Registration/Application and/or Enrolment Fee (if applicable).
                         2.1.2.        The parent will be required to top-up the difference if the Waitlist Fee is lesser than the Registration/Application and/or Enrolment Fee.
           2.2.        If a place is offered to the child and the parent does not complete the Registration/Application process within one (01) week of the offer, the place will be offered to the next eligible child and the full Waitlist Fee will be forfeited.
           2.3.        If the parent writes in to withdraw the child’s name from the Waitlist before the six (06) months validity period is over, the full Waitlist Fee will be forfeited.

3.        If there is no vacancy available after the six (06) months period, the child automatically stays on the Waitlist for another six (06) months under the same conditions unless specified otherwise by EtonHouse.
           3.1.        If the parent chooses not to remain on the Waitlist anytime after the first six (06) months, the full Waitlist Fee will be refunded.
           3.2.        Only a written notification will be accepted by the School should the parent choose to withdraw from the Waitlist.

4.        If the school is running a registration fee promotion when (i) the Waitlist Form is submitted or (ii) the placement is accepted, the parent will enjoy the promotion, unless otherwise specified by EtonHouse. The parent will be required to make the necessary payments and the promotion will be offset against the initial school fees. The Terms and Conditions of the promotion remain applicable.

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