EtonHouse’s Founder and Chairwoman, Mrs Ng Gim Choo, named Her World’s Woman of the Year 2022!


The Award recognises and celebrates inspirational women who have made outstanding contributions in their field and on society.

EtonHouse International

A fearless visionary and trailblazer, Mrs Ng Gim Choo went from being an auditor to a stay-home mum to an entrepreneur of an education business that has impacted over 20,000 lives in 11 countries.

Armed with grit, determination and a desire to learn, she built the EtonHouse Group from scratch with a commitment to provide a quality education that emphasises learning through play and inquiry. Her ambition led her to forge forward and make quality preschool education accessible to a wider group of children through the launch of E-Bridge Pre-School and EtonHouse Community Fund.

At Her World Woman of the Year Awards, Mrs Ng shared, “We wear different hats – that of a professional, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law and many more – and face many challenges. We have resilience and grit, and the emotional intelligence to hold our families together and build our careers at the same time. I accept this award on behalf of all women who work hard every day and never give up on their dreams.”

Her unrelenting passion and journey of pushing boundaries of possibilities have undoubtedly contributed to the changing education landscape of Singapore and established a legacy for generations to come.

Click to view the articles published in Her World Singapore, The Straits Times, The Business Times and Zaobao.








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