The Straits Times interviews Mrs Ng Gim Choo and Mr Ng Yi-Xian


At work, Mr Ng Yi-Xian calls the founder of the EtonHouse International Education Group, “Mum”. Mrs Ng Gim Choo doesn’t mind, “It’s the respect that is important,” she says of her relationship with her son, who is now group CEO, in the Lunch with Sumiko series by The Straits Times.

EtonHouse International

“So far, so good. Very blessed.” Mrs Ng Gim Choo, Founder and Managing Director described what it is like to lead the EtonHouse Group with Mr Ng Yi-Xian, Executive Director and Group CEO.

The mother-son duo also opened up about the early years of EtonHouse and running the family business, which has been making a difference in generations of children through education. Read and listen to their story here:


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