The formative years

“Wisdom begins in wonder.” - Socrates, Philosopher

What to expect in the EtonHouse Primary School Curriculum (7 - 12 years)


Advancing from Pre-School to Primary School is a significant milestone that can also be stressful as your child transitions to a relatively more challenging learning environment.

At EtonHouse, we set your child up for success. On top of having a culture of academic rigour in traditional school subjects, our curriculum emphasises intellectual, physical, cultural, and social growth as well.

This is why our International Schools (Broadrick, Orchard and Sentosa) follow the inquiry learning philosophy of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) — the IB framework is a holistic and transdisciplinary curriculum designed to foster global citizens.

In the IB PYP, the curriculum is organised around six transdisciplinary Units of Inquiry integrating the learning areas of:

● Language (English)
● Mathematics
● Physical Education
● Music
● Art
● Science
● Social Studies
● Additional Languages

By engaging in the Units of Inquiry throughout the year, Primary School students become:

● Inquirers
● Communicators
● Thinkers
● Risk-takers
● Knowledgeable
● Principled
● Caring
● Open-minded
● Balanced
● Reflective
● Prepared to take on the IGCSE in Secondary School

Why you should enrol your child in an EtonHouse Primary School

A boutique learning environment

There is a warm and close-knit community feel that is unique to EtonHouse Schools. Unlike large primary school settings, our boutique environment means every teacher has the time and capacity to know every student deeply and personally.

As a result, your child feels valued in the classroom, and our teachers are able to personalise learning to each student’s interests and abilities. The environment is designed to encourage and support it all.

Strong bilingual programme

Building from the strong bilingual foundation set in Pre-School, we continue to offer Mandarin, Hindi, or Japanese in the Primary years. Take it as an additional language or join our award-winning English-Mandarin Bilingual Immersion Programme. Whichever you choose, our bilingual programmes develop more than literacy skills — it offers cultural immersion through learning experiences such as field trips, concerts, and reading programmes. The result? A profound love for the language, and more internationally minded individuals.

Strong English support for non-native speakers

When English is not the first language of the student, EtonHouse provides English as an Additional Language (EAL) lessons to help develop proficiency in the language. The ultimate goal is to improve your child’s abilities in the four key skills needed to participate meaningfully in mainstream classes — speaking, reading, writing, and listening. In cases where the student comes with no or very low English language competency, we offer Intensive EAL classes to build proficiency in spoken English. 

Watch the story of the Fernandes family and their sharing on the EAL programme.

Diverse specialist programmes that ensure holistic development

Our rich curriculum includes weekly specialist lessons that are integrated with the Units of Inquiry at each year level. These include lessons in the areas of:

    Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The ability to use ICT effectively is an essential skill not just in school but also in your child’s future career. Digital literacy is embedded in every aspect of teaching and learning, and is integrated to generate, develop, organise and present their inquiries effectively. Beyond that, your child will develop skills in coding, programming, multimedia authoring, animation, 3D gaming, and more.

Read our blog How STEAM prepares our children for the future.


Our Physical Education curriculum is comprehensive. Students join sports “Houses”, which are used to organise teams and encourage participation in team activities across a wide spectrum of sports from football to basketball, archery, netball, and cricket. This helps foster lifelong skills such as teamwork, confidence, grace, and humility. 


Our conceptual approach to art allows your children to explore a range of artistic processes that use both traditional approaches and contemporary platforms, and stimulate imaginative thinking.


Our drama programme is less about creating the next superstar even though your child will learn all the elements of a successful production such as script writing, stage production, lighting, and sound … and of course, performing on stage. Rather, it is designed to help students build confidence in speaking publicly and develop emotional intelligence and empathy. 


Music is integrated into the mainstream curriculum to promote self-expression and creativity. As with every other aspect of the EtonHouse education, we take a holistic approach — children will develop music literacy, explore traditional and exotic instruments, create music, and use technology to produce music videos. 


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